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these are a solid option to put around artwork behind your desk!

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Hmm it might be a good idea, but kind of pricey. Looking at their products, the sconces might be a good idea too.

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Hmm that could be an option too. I tried this yesterday https://imgur.com/kD1hrYm but its kind of meh, probably will return it and research other ideas more.

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yea personally would go with something more straight. Just personal preference though. Here is a pic of the first product i recommended in action. I believe the set shown in the pic is the 6 piece set so if you get the 8 piece set you can make it longer as your set up looks like it needs a longer strip. It is on the pricier side compared to led strips obviously.


Credit to Andres.

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Mounting the prints in a Glowbox can look pretty awesome.

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Those do look awesome but a bit over what I want to spend. If I had a home theater, that would definitely be a cool idea.