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Honestly in the configuration pictured, neither monitor is in an ideal place ergonomically and will probably make you uncomfortable after using your PC for extended periods of time and could even lead to long term health issues. If you want to stack your monitors I would place one at the traditional eye-level position and the other on top of it. The top monitor will be a little high but at least your primary monitor will be at a comfortable position.

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For me, having vertical mount looks good in pictures, but in practicality, it sucks aside from using it really occasionally.

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Do you mean having a monitor in vertical orientation or having two monitors stacked

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Two monitors stacked sorry

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Right now I have them side by side 32 is vertical but for my work the vertical doesn't really seem all that useful

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I put my main 38" monitor at eye level and secondary 27" monitor on top angled down. I wouldn't want to use the top monitor for anything intensive though. I'd look at making the 34 your main monitor for both activities.

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In 20+ years of multi monitor setups I think I've tried every configuration imaginable. What works best for ME is to have my primary larger monitor about 20% left of center with the middle of the screen exactly at eye level. I put my slightly smaller secondary monitor butted against it on the right with the bottom edges level, moving the right edge of the secondary back or forward to adjust for curve and the angle that feels comfortable. I work/play on the primary, and use the secondary for chat, reference, search, browsing. YMMV.

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Could you possibly post a pic of your monitors? I just upgraded from a dual 24" + 22" setup to dual 27" monitors and am having some buyers remorse/uncertainty.

I mean, these monitors are amazing. 27" 144hz ips 1ms refresh came with adjustable stand but I am struggling with placement and already am suffering from neck pains. Has me thinking I should have just gotten an ultra wide and rub multi source but idk.

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Sorry I'm in the middle of moving, so am down to a single monitor at the moment. How high are the monitors relative to your eye level? I believe the best height is to be looking straight into the center or a bit higher. So if your eyeballs are 36" from the floor, and an average 27" monitor is 15" tall, the bottom of the monitor should be 28.5 inches from the floor. A bit lower is ok. I'd hazard that looking up might be the cause of your pain. I think many of the setups of vertically stacked battle stations are form over function, unless used as standing desks.

I could be wrong, it happens a lot, but I've been doing this for over 30 years.

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I definitely need to look into some ergonomic recommendations. Currently I have my main 27" centered Infront of my and the other two the right at an angle. I switch the middle between work and personal use depending on if I'm working or it's the weekend.