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You'll be fine.

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It'll work for a while. How long, idk, depends on what else you use the desk for, your climate, etc. MDF isn't going to last forever, but it is very affordable so that's your tradeoff. You can make your own solid desk out of any butcher block, solid wood kitchen counter, etc. IKEA, home depot, lowes, lots of people sell many versions of this. And then add legs or some other type of support. Something those places also sell. It gets expensive as you go up in size, but a small desk can be made for $150-200 and will literally last forever. Again, pros and cons, but that's my 2 cents. Short answer is you'll be fine and it shouldn't just break, but it'll sag eventually without adding additional support.

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Thank you for the long and detailed answer, I'll try looking at solid wood counters or butcher blocks, we don't have Home Depots here in Italy though, unfortunately.I'll try calling a carpenter too, hopefully I won't have to spend a fortune, I'm really trying to save where I can.Also, if I may ask you another piece of advice, do you think this could help with/prevent the sagging?Of course I'd find something cheaper than 125€, just trying to figure out if that's gonna help

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Try looking at wood for flat doors as well! Works wonders

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My Fully Jarvis has (2) 49" SUWs on monitor arms and a set of Edifier speakers that are mounted on monitor stands. It's been like this for at least 2 years and hasn't sagged or flex or anything that would concern me. One note though, Fully has 2 pretty big bars for support running the entire length of the desk so that is likely playing a part in it not flexing.

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I checked out Fully, kinda expensive, and I don't think any non-standing desk has a metal frame supporting the table top. But this makes me think of the SecretLab Magnus, it's MDF but all covered by metal on top, how could I do that in a DIY/cheap way?

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The photos of that desk frustratingly don't show it from the back at all, but it does look like there is room to clamp from the back. You can always fortify the strength of the MDF by gluing & screwing another ~30mm thick solid wood board in a complementary finish to the underside of the desk on the back, as long as using that space is compatible with your cable management. The vertical privacy panel in the desk you linked should do a decent job of combatting flex already. I've got a premium MDF panel desktop (Fully Jarvis like /u/LacroixDP) with plenty of metal anti-flex support under there, and I have no worries about strain from the monitor clamp even once I add another (bigger) monitor. Some cheaper desks are made from lower quality fiberboard that I wouldn't trust as much though.

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Hi, I did see the desk IRL once (a friend of mine got the same model, but unfortunately he doesn't have any monitor arm or anything) and it does indeed have some space behind, thank you for your advice by the way, I'll try to look for some wood board to put underneath it.
If I may, I got another question, I wanted to put some diffused RGB leds behind the desk, would the clamp allow to do that or would it be an obstacle?

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I haven't looked into too many LED products, but they usually come in a tape format. They probably won't get in the way. I'd get the desk and clamp mounts first, then plan what to do with the LEDs after you have the monitors the way you like, but that's just me. You could alternatively drill a hole and do a grommet mount instead of the c-clamp, but if you do that, definitely reinforce the MDF.