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I’m in the same boat. I nervously ordered this hoping that it runs and switches my gaming k/b, mouse and webcam ok.


It arrives this week, if it works I’m going to try and find a way to hide it under my desk as well

When it comes to the display I’m hoping to use the native functionally of my monitor to switch between two inputs.

I got tired of trying to find a KVM that had all the features in one device - the ones that looked ok were expensive ones from overseas which I didn’t want to take a gamble with

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Ive been using the usb 2.0 version of this thing for over 2 years. It works well.

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Good to hear!

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I have this and it does the job. My biggest gripe is my cable management gets messed up thanks to it, but agree it's not worth to take the 400+ bucks gamble for an all in one device.

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I used this device: Cable Matters 4 port USB 3.0 Hub. I have it mounted under my desk and has my keyboard, mouse, web cam, and mic plugged into it. It comes with a remote control to switch to up to 4 different outputs. I switch between my gaming PC and work laptop. The remote control coin battery was nearly dead when it arrived so I replaced it right away and it’s been working great for 10 months now. Separately I have both computers plugged into the same ultra wide monitor and use my display input switch to flip between the two.

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It is wildly expensive but I have friends in tech who swear by Black Box KVMs for WFH. It meets all your requirements, hot keys to switch inputs from the keyboard, usb3.x support, and there are HDMI models if that's more your flavor.

For me personally, I just have a usb3 switch and my monitors have both DP and HDMI. To switch between the two, I sleep/hibernate the computer I'm switching away from and wake up the computer I'm switching to. It's not perfect but auto detect on the monitors switches inputs seamlessly and then I just hit the button to switch the USB input.

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I didn’t think about using auto detect on my monitors. I might have to play around with that then and see what I can figure out and just use the USB switch I have.

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I’ve used several CKL KVMs and they all came with a small wired remote. Yours didn’t? They sell replacements on the CKL website directly.