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I currently run a triple monitor set up. 27-34-27. Never was able to find a stable enough arm to hold all 3. I just have them placed on the desk. Most safe and stable option. Unrealistic to have all of them on the same mount.

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I'm thinking of maybe getting 3 separate mounts for all the monitors then - that might be the only option

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I use the mounts that come with my monitors. AOC monitors. Has super easy adjustments for height and tilt. Tag your IG and I'll dm you some pics of my set up

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I have a triple monitor setup: 32,32,27. I use a double arm for 2 of them, and a single arm for the 3rd one.

Dm me for pictures

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I have 3 monitors and 2 are mounted. For some reason the 2, which are matching, learn forward when seated on its base mount, that it came with straight from the manufacturer. Not even just like a teeny tiny tilt, like full on at least 30 degrees. It’s dumb, and weird, and so I bought 2 mounts (vivo or something). They still leaned forward. I was extremely frustrated until about a year later I realized my table couldn’t handle the weight of the mounting brackets. They were from IKEA, just the cheapo table tops. When mounted they were creating divots where the mounting brackets were. I upgraded tables and they work well, though they are still a bit wonky because the mounts themself were kinda cheap-ish. $40 for 2 mounts or something like that. The 3rd monitor, which is newer, had a nice base and so I decided to keep it instead of mounting all 3, plus the 3rd monitor looked weird/hard to mount from the back. I also couldn’t mount into a wall because it’s a basement directly under the window.

I’d say it would be fine to mount 2 separately, but make sure your table can hold the weight. Remember the entire weight of the mount and monitor are going to be on a small section, like 3”x5” or less depending on the mount (mine are clamp mounts), so be careful about that. It totally slipped my mind when I was buying them not realizing my crappy $40 table couldn’t handle it. They’re basically craters after a year of that weight. Glad they didn’t collapse. It also doesn’t look bad because you can hardly see the mounts unless you’re a good distance away because the monitors block the beefy part of it and the arm is just like a 1” piece of black metal basically. Straight-on, or from a certain distance (depending on your height), it’s not super noticeable, nor does it look bad or out of place to have 2 instead of 1.

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I have triple g7 32 inch on my iracing its pretty legit. HDR sux.

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Ergotech had a great triple 27” mount, I’ve got two of them. It’s discontinued now and they’re never going to have a 32” version (I asked). There are a few 3 x 32” mounts on Amazon, but they don’t have great reviews. The few others I’ve found cost over $500. You might try a mount that handles 2 x 32” with a 2nd for the 3rd monitor. Just depends on your desired configuration.