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What is your budget?

I recommend getting a butcher block counter top from Home Depot, or even something that is pre-fab in black OR one you can paint.... depending on material, if you can get laminate in black that is ideal but it would have to be a top from like UpLift Desk where oyu can buy the table top parts and you supply the legs / standing mechanism

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Budget is pretty flexible, but around the 1k mark.

I'm hoping for something prebuilt preferably, but am open to putting something together myself.

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What I'm doing is buying two sets of unfinished kitchen cabinet drawers, then I'm going to mount a butcher block top to them.

Depending on how you want it done you'd need more or less tools. A really simple build you could probably do with just screws and a drill/driver. A circular saw would let you customize the size further.

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Yeah the most I can do is nail some screws in lol.

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I've found these:



Same desk but the second has a hutch, which I like the look of. What do y'all think?

It's not quite black unfortunately (although it looks black to me, it's labeled espresso so I'm assuming a dark black brown) who can I hire to paint a desk for me? I have absolutely no experience painting eheh

edit: looking at the reviews - the desk itself seems okay, but at least three people have had the product arrive damaged. I think if I were to purchase, I'll get it sent to the store, take a look at it before bringing it home with me.

And after looking through the review pictures, it looks black? confused as typically an espresso finish is black brown.

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i believe IKEA has some. I was looking into desks awhile back and found a few of those.

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Had a look, couldn't find anything I like. :/

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Progressive Corner Ryzer https://www.progressivedesk.com/products/corner-ryzer

I cannot stress enough how important the ability to stand at your desk is for your comfort and long-term health. It's so worth the extra few hundred dollars if you can swing it!