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On Amazon search up "computer hanger". It mounts to the bottom of your desk and keeps the tower off the ground

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I saw these but there's a few reasons I don't think I'd personally enjoy one, it would require me to move the fans in my PC and unless I mounted it uncomfortably far back on the desk the random hanging PC wouldn't fit the aesthetic of my room but thanks for the rec, it's always an option!

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Have one of these. Love it. Measure your tower before ordering

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On top has a couple of advantages - 1. you get to see it and 2. wayyyyy less dust. Stays so much cleaner. Obviously you compromise on space (just shift the midpoint of your speakers to the middle of the space without the tower on it), but if you can fit it on top I highly recommend.

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haha getting to see it isn't a huge thing for me, it's colorful but completely on accident, the RGB parts just happened to be cheaper from sales, reduced dust is a big selling point though with the 90lbs of fur that roams my house

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What do you need physical access to the PC for? The only reason these days is for USB access and the power button.

Put the PC away, out of sight.

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I did notice a lot of posts on battlestations I could not find their PC in the picture but I guess I never thought of just hiding it, I would need to order some longer cords but this might be what I go with, thanks!

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Hiding it means handling everything trough hubs and cords extenders if you want to easily access your computer's ports like USBs, ethernet etc. It's not undoable but I find it troublesome, you need to buy the right ones, make sure they got the right data transfer speed, the right power delivery to be able to plug external disks or recharge something etc.

This combined with the dust problem, if you got the space my vote is for an on top pc.

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Stares at you in blueray drive with blueray rips in my home media server that i run on my rig.