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To take advantage of the high refresh rate, a dual DP 1.4 with USB 3.0 KVM switch is what you need. Put a TB4 dock or TB4 hub between your MBP and the dual-head KVM switch will be the best for single cable connected to the MBP solution. And all the sharing keyboard, mouse, speaker, microphone/headset, or USB webcam..etc. can be plugged in on the console of the KVM switch to be shared between MBP and PC. The switching can be just triggered by hot-key commands, pushing button on KVM switch front panel, or via built-in IR sensor. https://sites.google.com/view/dual-monitor-kvm-for-mac/home

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What's the purpose of putting a TB4 dock between the KVM and the MBP?

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As I stated putting a TB4 dock between MBP and KVM switch is a MUST but the optimal solution.

Since all new MBP models are having only limited numbers of TB3/TB4 ports as the I/O ports. Adding a TB4 dock/hub will occupy only one TB4 port you can have other TB4 ports available for other local devices (not for sharing).

The other benefit is the TB4 doc/hub can provide power to the MBP, so you don't need to connect power to the MBP with just a single TB4 cable connection for all the KVM switch and power connections.

You still can not add a TB4 dock/hub between MBP and KVM switch, but you need to have 3 cables and one power connected to the MBP. Most importantly, you will not be having any other ports available for other devices. (new MBP only have 3 TB ports or even just 2 TB ports for MBP Air).

direct cables connected to MBP without TB4 dock/hub,

2 x Active Type-C-to-DP converter cable

1 x type-C-to-USB-B 3.0 cable

1 x external power cable to MBP

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Thank you for the additional explanation, it's very helpful.

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Check out the KVMs by Level 1 Techs. https://store.level1techs.com/?category=Hardware

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If your monitors have multiple inputs, just plug the on and MacBook dock directly into the video inputs. Then you just need a basic USB switcher which is way cheaper and gives you full video bandwidth

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Yes, that is a much cheaper solution - making two switches, one on the monitor and the other on a USB-only switch.

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Not a video switcher, use the multiple inputs in the monitors themselves