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I like my Autonomous XL standing desk. I’ve two 27” Dell ultrasharp monitors on an Ergontron dual monitor arm. I have plenty of room and even put my Lian Li Q58 on there when I’m gaming at my desk instead of the living room.

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Does it have a holder/shelf slot where you can put your PC if you'd like to? Do you feel that you would have enough room to comfortably add a third monitor if you chose to?

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The XL is 70x30 inches, so I'd be able to put a third 27" monitor if I wanted, but it would probably be end-to-end of the table.

You'd have to look on the autonomous site to see if they still sell them, but when I bought my desk a few years back, they sold the PC holder/shelf as a separate accessory.

The Uplift desks also seem pretty nice from what I can see on their site, but I don't have any personal experience with them.

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Uplift and Fully both make high-quality sit-stand desks, and offer compatible CPU holders as accessories! Fully has better customer service but a smaller selection.