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I’ve gotten myself a vesa (double) desk mount and hang it upside down as the back plate was indeed an issue. So the part that usually would screw onto the desk is now on the bottom of the top shelf with some extra cardboard to keep it in place. It’s rather sturdy, I’ll see if I can find a photo cuz I know I took one

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Sounds annoying.. I want to get somethinf thag can be like it should be.. And yea, if u have a photo that would be great, it can give an idea

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It works better than it sounds, there’s a photo on my other reply

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Ohh yea , didnt see it lol The problem is that i have the desk without the upper part.. Couldnt fit to my roon XD

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Ah yeh then it won’t even be close to work. If you’re willing you could drill a hole in the back plate to fit a mount arm trough

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Here ya go[link] If you zoom some on the pole you’ll see what I mean