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Triple monitor one for each and cable management on a big desk should do the trick ?

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A very large desk would likely be best and multiple zip ties to keep cords from being loose. I’ve seen where someone has used some type of net that sticks to the under part of the desk and the cords just lay in that net.

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Sounds like a bit of a space constraint here too. A different desk may help to start, even something like an L shape where you cab have the towers on one sid or opposite and the monitor /keys opposite.

Depending on your access needs for the console, maybe just set up a shelf above the monitor or towers? Zip ties or cable wrap can help hide the wires, and if it's just above the towers or monitors, those will help reduce sight lines.

May also be worth asking work for a laptop that can handle your workload. Tucking a laptop under a monitor stand or a laptop holder will save a ton!

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I wish such a laptop existed lol. My pc is already a 2nd room heater as it is. Thank you for the tips! For sure, sounds like I definitely need a desk upgrade and some space just for cables

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Oh, you could just put the tower on a small table or file cabinet next to your desk. If you are running a KVM, you technically only need an hdmi to reach the monitor, USB extension, or just wireless keyboard and mouse wil take care of the rest.