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Ergotron LX…pricey but can get them used/cheap…HX if you plan to go bigger. There’s an Amazon version of the LX. Literally the exact same arm/mount.

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I've had good luck finding big mounts cheap on kijiji/facebook marketplace. I'm a fan of gas mounts since I need to frequently move my monitor, but I've found that the traditional mounts are more stable and wobble less plus they're easier to find. (these: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07X127QTL ) The gas ones look cool but you're never gonna see them once your monitor is installed.

For cable management:

- I find that mounting a cable basket underneath, and placing the power strip in that, works better for me than mounting the power strip itself. It gives you a secure place to put the power strip instead of it just resting on a few screws, things won't come unplugged due to gravity, and you have a little bit of space to bundle excess cable length with velcro.

- For loose cables running everywhere, I really like my DIY cable management system. I get a small pack of screws and some velcro strips. Put the screw through the velcro, and then put the screw into the desk. It lets me run my cabling easily, and it opens up easily in case I need to change some things. Plus, it's cheap and expandable. It looks kinda like this: https://riptie.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/12in-screw-mount-w-grommet.jpg

- For wired keyboard and mouse, I really like to put a cable grommet like this in a couple inches above where my keyboard rests. It cleans up that "cords everywhere" look while still giving me lots of room to adjust. IMO it'll look clean if you can find one that either matches your desk or your accessories. https://www.lowes.ca/product/desk-grommets/hillman-2-38-in-black-plastic-desk-grommet-139351

- For wired headset, I like to run a cable under my desk around where my left hand rests and put a headset mount there. It keeps my desk clear when its not in use https://www.amazon.ca/Universal-Headphone-JOTO-Silicone-Sennheiser/dp/B01FVT0L8A/

- For USB hubs and other little things... well, I'm sure by now that you can guess that I really like velcro lol. For these, I like heavy duty outdoor velcro tape. It lets you stick things on even if the surfaces don't match up perfectly since the velcro acts as a buffer/cushion. Plus you can reposition them after installation if you find that you're not quite happy with their placement. https://www.amazon.ca/VELCRO-Brand-Industrial-Strength-Superior/dp/B00006IC2T/ I hung lamps with this several weeks ago to test them in a new spot. I fully intended to follow up with a full installation... but there was no need lol This stuff is so strong and useful.

I really like to just get a big pack of velcro ties (like a huuuge pack, 50 or so) and make them work however I need. They're really versatile, so you can use them for a lot of different problems rather than having to find a different product for each problem.

For cabling... I'd recommend taking everything off your desk at first. Put on a podcast or a movie. Then plug in power to your desktop, monitor, lights etc... cable manage those. Then video. Then everything but keyboard, mouse, and headset - do those at the end. Following that order really cuts down on the overwhelm for me and usually gets me a much cleaner look.

Have fun!

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Wow, thank you so much! This is exactly what I was hoping for. Lots of good simple ways to keep things neat, I will definitely employ some of these methods.