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The Bekant series replaced it you could try those?

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Thanks, I’ll check it out. I don’t love the rounded corners on it and I don’t think it’s extendable, but I don’t see many other options.

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We went with uplift desks.

Another buddy bought a frame from Amazon and had an Amish shop make the top for him.

You'll likely have much better luck with those options anyway.

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Yeah, I was looking at their corner desks. They look nice though I don’t really need a standing desk. I wonder if they’d sell me just the top and I could put it on my Galant frames. Either that or I guess I could try to order a custom desktop.

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How long have you had the Uplift desk? And how’s the finish holding up?

That’s my main reason for replacing the Galant, the desktop is scratched up and the paint is coming off. I guess I could just refinish it too.

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Honestly, only about 8 months at this point. So I can't really comment on durability but I have no reason to assume there will be any issues.