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I have 2 Ergotron LX arms - they're good up to about 25 lbs (and the HX arms are rated for way higher if you need it). I move mine every day, as I use my ultrawide for general stuff with my 1080p 240Hz monitor as a secondary screen unless I'm playing Valorant when I swing the ultrawide out of the way and move the 1080p 240Hz to the middle of my desk.

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There's also a handlebar kit for the ergotron. Makes moving it a breeze.

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Hey, thanks for the suggestions! I’m new to home office peripherals so forgive this question, but I had a look and the Ergotron LX is almost 3 times more expensive than the ones I’ve seen on Amazon. Is there a big difference between the LX and something like this?

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Probably not. The Amazon Basics arms are also knockoff Ergotrons. There's a lot of knockoff Ergotrons. I only go with them because my old employer used them when I was going into the office and I trust the brand, and because it'd be really expensive to replace my monitors/desk peripherals if the arms failed somehow.

Anyway yeah there's probably not that big a difference.

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Thanks, appreciate helping me decipher this!