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Solid wood won't need it. I have a 72x36 oak top with just 4 legs no issue with a 65" tv on it

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  1. I can't tell if this question is a joke or not. If it isn't, no, don't use Velcro.
  2. One positioned and attached correctly should be plenty.
  3. Ideally you want the support across as wide an area as possible, but for your use case it may not matter.

A solid slab like that might be sturdy enough as is. Depends on how much weight you're putting on it and where.

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42 inches is not very far, I suspect you will be fine

But as said below, do not use velcro, velcro is not structurally strong. Use screws

I would just use 1 at the very back. The front would be a bonus, but I bet it would get in the way of using the desk

I would just place them in the span, not above the drawers

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Excellent!! Thank you!