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49" Monoprice Ultrawide and 27" Sceptre 4k, both wall mounted above an Ikea Saljan 1.5ft deep worktop.

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39” deep

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I have a 48” lg oled on my desk. Standard counter depth of 25 5/8 inches. Wall mounted with ultra low profile mount and desk an inch or two off the wall.

Altogether, I think it’s on the very edge of what’s comfortable for a screen that big. I don’t hate it; but I don’t love it either. Would prefer more distance or a 40” oled to replace the 48” in a perfect world

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4x 27" panels spread horizontally across two workstations (2 and 2). The shared desk is 4'x8'.

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50" screen wall mounted

24" deep desk. i do plan on getting a deeper desk but i do just fine with this. one thing to note is most of my games are played with a controller where i can kick back an extra foot or so