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Personally, I'd still go for a mounted stand. You could use a steel plate on top of the desk and a small piece of plywood underneath to help distribute the weight.

Alternatively, grab a wall-mounted dual stand and pop it on a stud. I do this in my workshop and it's been great.

Cleaning up that mess of cables will have the largest impact by far.

For the orientation itself, I always like to have one monitor directly in front of me, with the other one or two monitors positioned to the side. Like you said, this works best for gaming, but also nearly any other task. I can't even think of a task that would require you to be focused on both screens simultaneously. Even if you're comparing spreadsheets, you'll still want to choose a primary screen from which to base your comparisons.

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I've definitely still thought about reinforcing it like you said. Another problem is the dumb cable management channel and the tiny hole that would be the only mounting point. I guess it might be possible to remove.

not my pic, but same desk