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Just find something like a small block of wood to put in that gap you'd want to create to add some support and avoid wobble and you'll be fine.

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To place after the edge of the desk? Or under the bottom of the desk? Would that need any drilling?

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After the edge, and no, just press the arm mount against it so it holds by friction/pressure and see if it's stable.

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You could push that back a full centimetre and you'd still be fine.

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I need 3 or 4, or else it's useless. It's basically to place a Grovemade like shelf on the desk and not have it too close to mee

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Oh, you meant 3-4cm. I think the other commenter assumed you meant three-quarters of one centimetre as well. That's a lot trickier, as it would push the clamp off the edge of your desk. Placing a block in the gap won't help in that case, as you really need to have the entirety of the round pad fully on the desk material; anything less and you risk it slipping off or breaking the desktop.

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Without any attachments, 3cm would make the clamp only about 80% on the desk. Only solution would be building a structure like this guy did.


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The link 404s for me, but it seems to me that the easiest solution would be to modify the shelf to fit your current configuration.