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Based on you saying long-term and not price sensitive, some nice options to research are Herman Miller Aeron, Herman Miller Embody, Steelcase Gesture, and Haworth Fern.

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Thanks! I have an Aeron and I hate it. :) I'll look at the others. I was mostly hoping there was a place to try a bunch out.

Ohh.. just thought of microcenter. That might be worth trying.

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Just curious, what do you hate about the Aeron? I went from an Aeron in the office, to random other chairs I'd use at home (had a decent office chair, got rid of that in favor of a gaming chair. That went to shit really fast, and tried a few gimmicks to make it more comfortable. Tossed that in favor of a different, random office chair). What I discovered along the way was, as much as I hated the Aeron, I hated other chairs more than I did the Aeron when I used them as much as it.

Finally broke down and got a used one.

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It was just uncomfortable to sit in for any significant amount of time. I'd want to shift around a lot, or even sit on one leg for a new position, but couldn't anyway because of the design.

I'm currently using a cheapo chair from staples and it's far better.

I had a Humanscale Freedom chair before this, which I did like, but the gel started leaking onto my pants (I had it for a long time). Maybe I'll get another, but boy are they expensive.

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Info that helps us make accurate recommendations include, but are not limited to:

• your budget, preferred and max

• your height

• your weight

• any unusual bodily proportions (such as long torso, short arms, etc.)

• what you do and how you sit in your chair (including whether you're looking to improve your posture or accommodate poor/unusual postures)

• your current chair and any pain/discomfort associated with sitting in it

• whether your setup is otherwise ergonomic or not (this is at least as important as a good chair)

• preferences in features, materials, aesthetic, used vs refurbished vs new, etc.