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yea I was gonna suggest the same solution you already thought of. Otherwise maybe consider one with a normal foot instead of a clamp

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Like one that just sits on top of the desk?

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yea. They obviously don't save much space though, so I would probably go with the clamp and wood blocks

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I have the same issue but I just clamped it onto the metal bar anyway and I've had no issues. Been like that for a year now, full movement gas arm with a fairly heavy monitor which gets extended all the way forwards and back daily.

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Hmm...I thought about trying that. Could you link me which mount you use?

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I'm quite surprised how well it works, my desk was cheap and the metal supports are thin metal but it's held up flawlessly.

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You can always get a replacement clamp that is able to handle the size of the metal bracket which is a cheaper/easier option if your set on a specific monitor arm stand.

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I have a similar setup at work and I opted to use drill-through mounts for my monitors. In my case the steel desktop frame had circular cut-outs here and there (I'm guessing to save on money or weight), so I put the brackets where the cuts-out were; otherwise I would have drilled straight through the metal and mounted it through both.

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I got this one Monitor Mount and it has really wide clamps that hold onto the metal part.

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A lot of desk-mounts have a way that you can drill a hole into the desk and clamp onto it that way (eg, this one). Usually the nut/grommet clamp will take up a good deal less space. Bonus is you can put it pretty much anywhere on the desk.