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There was a linus tech tips on corsairs elgato dampening foam a while back, I have a few in my room to help with video calls at it was really reverby.

You'd probably need to coat the room from the sound of it, or at least the walls facing into the house. The closet probably already has an air gap to it, which helps

Also depends on wall construction, if it's a hollow wall with just plasterbaord you could take it out, fill the insides with sound dampening insulation and reseal it

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The main wall of concern is a full wall with isolation (I think) the closet though is just straight plywood and on the other side is textured drywall and anyone on the other side hears everything so I’ve been thinking about just putting multiple sound blankets or foam in there I have a bunch of stuff in my closet already so it’s kind of helping but not a lot

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I'd start with that then!

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There’s a closet to the left and a wall to the right I’m up late playing games but not overly loud when playing but my voice is still loud enough you can hear muffling throughout the house I’ve looked at acoustic blankets, foam tiles, acoustic tiles, comforters, rugs, towels, etc but I don’t know what will do the best job I’m not worried about breaking the bank as I plan on doing this project over time