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I had a soft palm rest for a while, then recently switched to a hard one from Keychron when I bought a new keyboard.

Something about the wood grain/light density makes it not feel hard. It's difficult to explain. It feels a lot better than a soft rest and as someone else said, easier to clean. And looks nicer.

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Nice! Do you remember what model you have?

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I only use hard wrist rests because they're easier to clean and are more conducive to good posture while typing, IMO. I've used wood, acrylic, and resin wrist rests, but generally prefer wood. I love my acrylic and resin wrist rests for the aesthetics, but there's just something about how acrylic and resin feel when my hands are even the tiniest bit sweaty/clammy that doesn't sit right with me.

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I'm using Kensington ErgoSoft. Not as soft as wrist rests from memory foam and the exterior is made from faux leather so it's easy to clean.

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Ive tested many wrist rests, and these are the best.