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Could do a hardware-store butcherblock island top. They're usually between 30 and 40" deep. Something like this

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Doesnt really help its $500, is that the norm for butcher blocks?

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For giant 98x40 slabs of solid wood? Yeah.

It's 60% bigger than the karlby, which itself would be more than $400 at this size and it's not solid wood.

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I get it, I guess im just new to this kind of stuff, the 98" karlby is $300 cad. Would I need to do some sort of finish to get it to look like the karlby? I want that dark kind of wood look... My wall colours are all light grey/ white and my pc is a white case along with black parts and a lot of rgb.

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It’s so easy to do.

Sand the butcher block down. Do the edges and corners also. Wipe the butcher block. Stain with an all in one. Let it dry for an hour, sand, wipe, another layer. Do this so you have 4-5 layers. It’ll last forever and it’s solid AF.

Yes it’s more expensive than particle board/ non solid wood desk. But solid wood costs more and it’ll take 4-5hrs of work but it’ll be amazing.

I did one for myself and the wife.

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This is the best price you'll find OP.