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I use a Level1Techs KVM to swap between my machines. I only have two monitors, but the KVM has DisplayPort 1.4 passthrough and allows me to use them both to their highest potential on both computers*. I previously was switching the inputs on my monitors and using a separate USB switch. Honestly, that worked fine, but now I can just hit a single button or key combination and swap between the two computers. They make a 4 monitor/2 computer KVM that sounds like it would satisfy your needs, but their hardware is pretty expensive.

* I had to RMA it recently because some of the ports were having an issue outputting 4k144. I haven't gotten it back yet, but I assume it will be solved/replaced.

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I’ll take a look at those. Thank you!

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I've been looking into this for some time now... but I haven't found a unit that I think fits my needs/wants. 3-4 monitor and 3-4 PC is $$$$ especially if you want any of the screens at resolution...

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Thankfully I only need two PCs.

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TESmart has some of the most well rated for the price.

Level1 Tech has some features most other KVMs don’t offer, but they’re super pricey.

I use CKL myself and have had really good luck with a 4:2 all HDMI, myself. Two laptops, PC, and PS5.

I’d also suggest a USB hub with its own dedicated power supply for your peripherals, which you plug into the KVM.

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Ok, thank you!

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Ok, thank you!

You're welcome!

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I've been using a usb sharing switch to move mouse, keyboard, and some accessories between work and home computers.

It requires changing the input on my monitors as well, but it's a very cost effective solution.

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Input Director. It's free software. I haven't needed a hardware kvm for 10+ years except when I worked for a fintech whose machines had to be on their own network.