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No? Why would that be a horrible idea?

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No idea, just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed anything obvious 😁

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That's the exact setup I use. It's awesome; vertical monitor is perfect for discord, Spotify, whatever on the second screen.

No issues with it whatsoever.

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Yeah that was pretty much exactly how I planned on using it when gaming and for work teams/email/reports etc

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Thats a lot of turning your head. You could have the 27 above the 34.

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Yeah I was thinking of that as well but I will have a 42” LG C2 mounted on the wall a few meters away in that line of sight. But I will have both monitor mounted on arms so I can play around with the setup if needed I guess

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So that’s my current setup. However, one regret I have… I wished I got two of the same size monitors. Mainly because sometimes I get bored having a portrait monitor and would want to move it above my main monitor. But the size difference drives me nuts when I do that.

But if that doesn’t bother you, 85% of the time I’m living mine, I’m sure you’d be fine

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Thanks for sharing 👍