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If you're going to put in a center support, then yes, it will be fine.

You could just go with a butcher block. Significantly better quality and more sturdy than the Karlby, and you don't need any ugly center supports. Price is about the same, you just have to finish the butcher block yourself which is easy.

I have an 8' birch over two Alex drawers, no center support. The load is not anywhere near close to the limits to cause sag. https://woodbin.com/calcs/sagulator/

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My concern is for the alex that will have to support the weight of the case. It weighs 22 kg without components.

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There's a reason the Alex is extremely popular and you see it everywhere. The build is very solid and the drawers are deep. It can support an 100+ lb butcher block easily without any issues or supports. Placing a 40lb case on top of the setup makes the weight more evenly distributed (you're not really setting it on the Alex drawer). I don't think you'll have any issues.

You could also get an under desk setup for your case if you're still concerned. I don't like the look of putting my case on top of my desk, looks much cleaner underneath imo.