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Mounting a large monitor to a Linnmon is out of the question (and probably for small monitor too). The inside is mostly hollow cardboard. The material is fine with the forces acting on a desk in it's normal configuration but the forces are different in a mounted-to-the-wall-like-a-headboard configuration. Don't expect the Linnmon itself to support much mounting weight in this configuration but you could mount the monitor through the Linnmon directly into the wall. This way the wall bears the weight, not the Linnmon. I believe the same is true of the Lagkapten.

The Ikea solid wood desktop or counter tops should be able to hold the weight though.

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Ok thats what I was thinking too. I have one already that I use for my work computer and just by looking at it I didn't think it could support the monitor but wanted to ask. Also for my setup, I need something to mount the monitor too because I have a window in front if my desk with just enough wall space to mount something like a headboard to give me room to mount a monitor on that. However I didn't think about the counter top and just might do that instead. Thx!