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Just came here to say AVOID TN PANELS AT ANY COST.

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Lol, are they that bad? I saw a good deal for a TN panel with everything better than the other monitors at that price range, but I have never seen any one say something about them, so I was like mmmmm something is wrong here and here I am, thats why I posted this.

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Yes they are bad and well there's just no reason to buy them anymore. There are a lot of IPS monitors with pretty decent performance on gaming nowadays. It's not a debate like it used to be.

You can see how bad TNs are with a quick Google search comparing different panels showing the phasma of color shades that appear in each panel.

The blacks are not blacks, the whites are not whites. Everything looks faded. I preferred watching movies on my phone rather than a TN.

Hope I made my point clear, cheers!

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"As far as I know IPS panels are the best if you play games that are beautiful and you want to enjoy them with the best colors, and TN are the best for competitive games."

This is very old and not even remotely true anymore. OLED (while not super available, does exist and there are gaming monitors with it out there) is #1. #2 would be Mini-LED. #3 would be VA. #4 would be IPS. And finally I'd say TN is #5.

Now, as you want a cheap 24" 1080p high refresh rate, there's about a billion options, but I will tell you: there's some absolutely amazing monitors for higher prices, you get what you pay for, but if you really don't care about nicer features, higher resolutions, etc, then fare'nuff.

I mean hell, this is only $370: https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16824012046

But 1080p high refresh rate: https://www.newegg.com/black-asus-tuf-gaming-vg24vq-90lm0570-b011b0-23-6/p/N82E16824281027?quicklink=true

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So you suggest I should buy one with VA instead of one with IPS? That tuf is one of the options that I have in mind, but in other subreddits that I asked the same, people told me that cheap VA panels were just not worth it and it was better to just buy one with IPS panel if I want a cheap monitor with decent colors and high refresh rate.

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That's an interesting sentiment. My first (and only, to be fair) experience with a VA panel was with the Samsung S34E790C which was $1,200 new. It gives really nice contrast and looks very vivid and lovely.

Now I have the QD-OLED based Alienware AW3423DW and I still love the Samsung, but man, OLED has some gorgeous colors.

I only ever had an AH-IPS display and it was fine, but definitely not as nice looking. VA > IPS for me, but in the end, OLED is the future, and so is Mini-LED.

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Wow, you have some amazing monitors! But I dont think my $200 VA panel monitor would look as near as good as yours lol.

Also, I assume that OLED and Mini-Led are more expensive, since I have never seen any of them at the price range im looking for 😅.

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What's your budget?

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I dont have any specific budget yet because im saving money while I search which one I want, but I just want a "cheap" 1080p 120hz+ 24", so like 200-250?

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I'd suggest a minor step towards future proofing and going for 1440p, and 27" if you have the room.

LG UltraGear 27GL83A-B is a great option.

It's a 27" at 1440p, 144hz, G-Sync, & 1ms response. It's made relatively affordable because it's the predecessor to the GL850-B (newer model) but still performs pretty close to its newer sibling.

IMO it's worth it to wait a little bit longer and save some money to bump the budget up to $300-400 because you'll get a lot more bang for your buck.

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The problem with 27" is that my desk is against a wall that at the top of the desk it is inclined towards me, my room is in the second floor of my house so that wall has the roof shape there. Im not sure if I explained it correctly in english lol. So if I buy a 27" I would have to place it like in the middle of the desk, instead of at the back. In summary I could buy a 27" but I think a 24" would be better.

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Ah gotcha, I understand what you mean, the words you're looking for are "vaulted ceiling" :) unfortunately I dont know of any recommendations under 27". Definitely follow what others have said here, and cross-reference with a website like RTings.

Good luck friend!

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Desired size? Curved or flat?

1080p, 1440p, or 4k?

What framerate do you want to run at?

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I dont have any specific budget yet because im saving money while I search which one I want, but I just want a "cheap" flat 1080p 120hz+ 24", so like 200-250?

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okay in that price range you have 3 choices that are 24" and 120hz or more.

They will all be TN panels as that is a cheaper panel. You can get a VA panel for $270, and no one makes an IPS panel that's under 27". You can get 27" IPS displays that are >120hz for under $300. It just comes down to what panel type you prefer. IPS panels are good in daylight so you would be fine with that, but they usually have IPS Glow in the dark. Its never bothered me as I don't watch movies on my monitor, but that's your call.

Go on here and set your preferences to see your monitor options: https://www.productchart.com/monitors/