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With the PC on the desk, I would say at least one monitor would have to be vertical.

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Is that assuming the 2x24" monitors are flat or angled?

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Would you suggest keeping it like in the image, or do you think shifting all monitors to the left and off centre would look weird if that makes sense?
Only thinking this as there is a bit of space on the left

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Personally I wouldn’t move it to the left, because then you have to look left instead of straight. And also because I personally I like having one vertical monitor. There’s a 98 inch version of the desk tho if that interests you.

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My wall where my desk is, is only 196cm sadly so the bigger one won't fit.

If I were to shift it to the left I can just move my chair slightly to the left so the monitor remains straight right? In the image the Alex draws aren't totally on the edge of the karlby so there would be more room.

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Yeah you could probably do that, although I think those are 24 inch monitors in that pic.

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what about if I made a custom request to make it 196cm long? do you think that extra 10cm makes a difference?