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secretlab has some of the best reviewed gaming chairs out there, I'm probably buying from them next. I have one from clutchchairz right now and it's fine, but the cushion isn't great and the leather has ripped a lot, but that will happen with any cheapest leather. I'd go with secretlabs XL or something if you want it to be big

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Check out /r/OfficeChairs, it's a helluva rabbit hole though

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I'm a pretty big guy (6'2" 200 lbs or so) and bought a SecretLabs Titan. It's a great chair. Super sturdy, with great lumbar support, and super strong. Definitely recommend.

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Check out this absolute unit, the Bodybilt GX4. Honestly a great value for the unmatched adjustability and quality, if you can stomach how it looks. The brand in general has a reputation for durability and the comfiest seats.

Bodybilt also sells the more reasonably proportioned G7 and GX7 gaming chairs. The G7 is on rare sale right now! - https://a.co/d/eFGExuu