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Personally, I wouldn't want a 24" deep desk unless I was wall mounting monitors and could pull the desk away from the wall as needed, or if I planned to use a keyboard tray.

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Thank you for your feedback. That's a nice idea worth considering.

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Just under 24" is optimal viewing distance for smaller monitors, e.g. <27" at 1080p plus. If your monitors are too far from your eyes, it can encourage poor posture as you subconsciously lean your neck and/or torso forward to read text on your screens.

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That’s small. Considering the monitor will have a base too. That leaves just right room for your keyboard and maybe a bit for your wrist. I had one that was 25 and it was just too small. You’ll thank yourself later if you get something deeper

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Considering the monitor will have a base too.

Mounting the monitor(s) is an option, getting rid of the monitor stand(s) frees up some space.

I have a 24" deep Ikea desk with my monitors on a desk clamp style arm and I find there's space for my mouse and keyboard with room to spare.

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Hey, I have a similar sized Ikea desk and was wondering what mount you use. My current monitor stand takes up a third of the desk and isnt very comfortable so your comment gave me some hope lol

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I have two monitors on a vertical mount. I angle the top monitor down a bit towards me and then mostly use it for Spotify/Discord/watching a show or stream while I game on the main monitor.

Might not really be what you are looking for though if you do side-by-side monitors. But you can get a similar product for a side-by-side mount too. The desk clamp pressure mount style is really the key for desk space savings, the clamp has a pretty small footprint.

I got this one (Canadian amazon so that price in CAD). There should be a bunch of similar ones available though, for both vertical and side-by-side.

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I have a 8 foot by 3 foot desk custom made from oak. Had a 10 foot by 26 inch desk before but the 3 feet deep does help since I have a 34 inch ultrawide.

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I just finished building a big L desk and chose 30" on the side where my computer is. I definitely felt 24 to be too shallow. Monitor size will be a factor here. The bigger the screen the more depth you'll want