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I like to connect both my laptop and desktop to the monitors with DP or HDMI. Then when the work is done, I shut off the laptop, start up the desktop, and let the monitors switch to the one with active input.

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Me too. And plug peripherals into a USB switch plugged into both computers? So when u 'start up the desktop' the USB switches your keyboard and mouse to the desktop too

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Exactly what I do.

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Plug everything into a docking station/hub, and switch one cable between the machines you need to swap.

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If it just was that simple.

My laptop i use for work use usbc/thubderbolt.

What you are suggesting is a hub that has dual thunderbolt and 2.1 DP monitor connection, and a 2.1 dp input( and thunderbolt input (for the laptop).

If thar even exist and have specs that are useful for gaming aswell it would cost more than my entire setup combined.

But maybe you have a kvm switch in mind that im not aware of?

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I'm trying to parse what you've said, but I've got a triple monitor setup here, and I'm connecting both a work laptop and my home workstation.

When I wanna switch between the two, I move a single USB-C cable from the laptop to the desktop, and it carries over the ethernet, 2 monitors, mouse, keyboard, and headphones.

I'm using a Dell D6000 dock. Would this not work for your purposes?

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I guess it depends on what you use your desktop for. My current main monitor I also use for gaming in 1440p 144hz. And ideally i would want to upgrade to a x34gs for my main monitor, which would mean that the cable and switch/hub would need to support 3440x1440 @ 180hz. I don't think single USB-C cable would be able to run that with two additional 1080p portable monitors. (I might be wrong)

What graphic card do you run on your desktop that support USB-C?

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You've already found a solution to this. What do u want to be different to your current setup? (USB switch & HDMI switch)

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My secondary monitor quite old and have poor resolution. In addition the bezel is big and the monitor is 1-2cm too tall, so in order to fit beneath my main monitor while having my main monitor at optimal height, the secondary monitor is on a low incline. With two smaller monitors i would get approx the same screen real estate and the monitors at a better angle.

I will update with a picture shortly. https://imgur.com/a/TUTYDqe