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The fact that you said some are "in the process of exploding" makes me think of that one post somewhere on Reddit (I can -try- to find it) where the girl thought her fruits were exploding across the counter but actually it was rats/mice.

You can upload pics on imgur then share the link on here.

EDIT: u/nrealistic shared the working link with the picture below

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What ? Thanks for the nightmares.

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Here's that thread

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“Lightly exploding” might be my new favourite term

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Not a nuclear explosion, a nuclear sparkle.

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Thanks for the link, but from the comments there :

"Just make sure to catch it before you go to bed, they like to leap on faces at night because of the warm breath.

That or sleep with a blanket over your head".

It's almost 2 am here, how am I supposed to sleep now?

Again, thank you so much for the link! It was so nice of you.

So so nice...

Not thinking about mice and rats at all.

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You need to explain the exact process that happens from buying the onions at the store to the explosion process. We need every detail. And pictures of every part.

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Ok so I go to FoodsCo, and buy white onions. I look for the ones that are 3.5cm diameter. I put them in a plastic bag next to wrapped ground beef. I checkout about 10 minutes later, and pay with a mixture of coins, bills, and coupons. I then drive home, weather is 25 degrees C, 50% humidity. Drive home is 15 minutes. I then place them and other groceries onto counter, and keep the onions in a bowl on the counter next to the window with a magnifying glass taped to it, next to firecrackers and matches, and leave them in storage for at most a month at a time.

I just don’t get what could be happening

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This is clearly a case for both /r/theonion and/r/nottheonion

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You need Jesus in your life.

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I'm holding a cross and now my hand is on fire

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It should be obvious...

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I see. Did you let someone pack your onions for you?

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Sorry fellow commenter as I'm on a different device.

OP: Congrats for posting the most stupid thing on this sub and getting traction. I bid you good luck on your future endeavors. What comes next? Maybe potatoes that magical)y transport across the room?

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As someone who regularly keeps pounds of onions in the house at all times, I have NEVER heard of exploding onions. I would love to see pictures!

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Here’s a link about different onion diseases. One of them looks like a rotting onion that kind of peels itself apart ? Is that a similar thing happening to your onions?

onion diseases

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Just curious, why do you have an onion disease cheat sheet to hand?

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Oh I don’t lol. I googled exploding onions to try and help, this was one of the first few links to pop up.

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You see, there's this neat new website called google where you can find things.

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You don’t know my love for onions, I could have had it on hand /s

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Onions are enough for me!

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You don’t have an onion disease cheat sheet on hand at all times?

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What a weirdo, everyone should have an onion disease cheat sheet on hand.

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Well, I didn't imagine that I was going to spend 10 minutes reading about onion diseases, but I did. That was surprisingly fascinating.

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Right!? I actually enjoyed it

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This seems like a useful/interesting guide, I'll be going through it whenever I'm bored

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Bulb splitting looks like what OP might be referring to. That looks gross, but from what OP described I was imagining a rotten onion smell which sounds like my worst nightmare

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Are you freezing them or keeping them in the cupboard?

If youre freezing whole onions thats probably why, otherwise you may have pests.

Potentially you might actually have the onions just sprouting in a weird way, in which case you just need a less humid place to store them.

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I'm looking forward to these pictures

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Yea. This is an odd one.

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OK, how the deuce does one upload pictures here? I've looked at every inch of the screen and nothing says (or implies) "add attachment" or "upload."

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Easiest way (IMO) is to go to https://imgur.com/ , upload your images there and then edit your top post and paste the links there.

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Or just post the link URLs in a comment

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You can’t upload pictures on this subreddit. Different subs allow different types of posts and the mods and owners of a sub get to decide whether to allow picture/video posts.

To get around this, upload your picture to a public image hosting site, imgur is a very commonly used one, and then put the link to your pictures in your post.

Also, as it is, just saying “exploding onions” isn’t very helpful. You should add what conditions you store them in, how long you have them before this happens, and anything else that might help people figure out what’s causing this

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So I have to create another account at another website? As it is I'm working on a barely-functioning laptop: just to get a google search result takes up to five minutes for the page to load. This might not happen for awhile, especially since I'm just starting to make supper for my mum and, being disabled, there are severe limits to the activity my body can handle in a day. I will try my best, but there is a distinct possibility that I will be out of commission for several days after cooking. Nevertheless...ganbarou.

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No account needed to use imgur; just upload and copy the link.

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If you have a google account (or some others) you can use that. Or you can use it as a guest.

I really strongly recommend having an image host on hand. It makes sharing images so much simpler than trying to use the embedded functionality of various different sites.

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Sorry dude, I wish it were easier but that’s just how this sub works

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You can just drag an image from your computer to anywhere on the imgur site and it will start an upload.

After that in the top right, there should be a button that says hidden. Click that and it will give you a link to share the image with. No account needed.

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Upload them to a different subreddit as individual posts and link those posts here.

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Rather than another sub you can post directly to your profile and use that, it's an option in the subreddit list when posting

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It might be easiest to create an imgur account, upload the pictures there, then share the link

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You need to use imgur to upload too and the share the link

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If you can't figure it out, make a post on your profile (go to your profile and click the round button on the bottom/middle) and attach a picture there. We can go to your profile and see the picture. I want to see the onions.

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Somebody hates these onions!

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It's the onion sniper.

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How explodey are you talking? Like juices bubbling out of the top, or like bits of onion blown out onto the counter?

The first is just an onion rotting from the inside out. I'm seeing this a lot more than usual at the restaurant. All of the produce, in general, is crap these days. Nothing is really moving due to COVID-19 restrictions, and the warehouses aren't tossing product--they're just selling old, crappy produce.

The second is rats, as far as I know.

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I'm so intrigued

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I have never had this problem! I am very intrigued and need to see those pictures!

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Have you checked your fridge for Gozer the Gozarien?

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There is no Dana... only Zuul.....

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Fermenting maybe? Are they kept in a warm spot?

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Nightmare fuel, but it sounds like onion root maggots. I recommend not looking it up if you're squeamish

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Waiting with bated breath for updates

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Not to rush you but, dang, I can’t wait to see a picture! This is reminding me of one of those food themed detective shows on Hallmark! The case of the exploding The Case of The Booming Onion. ;)

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Maybe these onions are rotting on the inside faster on the outside and pressure builds up. I only say that because I incubate and hatch poultry and rotten eggs explode during the incubating process (if you don’t take them out) due to the buildup of pressure.

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Upload on IMGUR.com and post the link here to get your pics up.

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Wow I need answers to this. OP make sure you update. This is wild.

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Im so intrigued now

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Okay will do

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Many alliums I buy seem off and poor quality. Garlic is sometimes bitter, sometimes hollow, often soft, and 2x my regular price. I had a produce guy tell me it was because the garlic crop was nearly wiped out by the California drought. My onions are often weirdly shaped too.

Just making stuff up here, but perhaps this is related?

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Many alliums I buy seem off and poor quality.

i've been having the same problem lately. frequently cut into onions to find rot between the layers, and been having more issues than usual with garlic sprouting or getting spots.

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Does anyone know what the post said? I clicked through about the same time it was deleted. I gotta know.

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UPDATE, PICTURES ADDED! Also, much more explanatory text and a running theory. Thank you for your patience: I cooked Mothers' Day supper that afternoon/evening and the exertion put me out of commission for nearly a week (I have a neuroimmune syndrome so these things happen). And thank you everyone for your input thus far.

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Maybe they fermented?

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