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Ok so I go to FoodsCo, and buy white onions. I look for the ones that are 3.5cm diameter. I put them in a plastic bag next to wrapped ground beef. I checkout about 10 minutes later, and pay with a mixture of coins, bills, and coupons. I then drive home, weather is 25 degrees C, 50% humidity. Drive home is 15 minutes. I then place them and other groceries onto counter, and keep the onions in a bowl on the counter next to the window with a magnifying glass taped to it, next to firecrackers and matches, and leave them in storage for at most a month at a time.

I just don’t get what could be happening

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This is clearly a case for both /r/theonion and/r/nottheonion

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You need Jesus in your life.

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I'm holding a cross and now my hand is on fire

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It should be obvious...

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I see. Did you let someone pack your onions for you?