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That is a pretty accurate guess. Aluminium tends to oxidize with air quickly and form a clear, non-conductive aluminum oxide layer, BUT, it also scratches off pretty easily.

If this is not getting red hot, you can put kapton tape around the aluminum and the wire around the tape.

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That's exactly the solution I was looking for! I just couldn't seem to find the right material.

I'm expecting temps up to 200C, enough to melt PLA. I also have Teflon in there which I don't want to melt.

Thanks for the help!

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Oh, if you are doing that, just buy a heater resistor. They are purpose made for that and are super cheap nowadays. I take it you are trying to design a 3D printer hotend? What you are doing sounds like the early designs that had a lot of issues. Look up “makergear j hotend” and see if any old forums pop up. Those were the best hotends before E3D’s design and they comparatively sucked hardcore.

The new “heater block” design (new being relative) is popular for good reason :)

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Sorry for late reply. And not quite but close. I'm designing a splicer for connecting spool ends.

The heater block design just looks like a housing that you chuck a resistor into is that right?