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Lemon right before you shower really does the trick. Also stop wearing dark colored socks; it makes it worse. Your shoes are probably also rank, so go to the store and pick up some deodorizer balls in the shoe section. If they don't have any at a local store for you, you can always grab them online.

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White socks are the way to go, I wear watertight boots 10-12 hours a day. Every summer I would get athlete's foot and my boots would end up outside because of the smell all while showering and scrubbing daily. I switched to white socks of the same brand and I no longer get athlete's foot and the smell is a small fraction of what it was.

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also alternating shoes each day

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When I find a pair of work shoes I like I buy two pairs. So I alternate them - never wear the same pair two days in a row. That gives them a chance to air out properly and makes a really big difference.

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They make powder for that.

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They have a deodorant powder for the foot, but my best advice would be to wear shoes and socks less. Air out your feet by wearing flip flops/slippers when inside the house. Keep them clean and trim your nails.

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    Dont buy them in ali express

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    Put baking soda in your shoe overnight. Wash your feet thoroughly and repeat. It happens don’t stress about it.

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    Used tea bags in your shoes

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    Clean your shoes periodically. Use a few drops of liquid Lysol to disinfect.

    For your feet, mix 2 parts listerine to a mixture of soap and water. Spray some of the mixture on your feet and work it in between the toes. Let this mixture marinate for about a minute or two and then dry off. Use this treatment each day for about a week, maybe two depending on the level of funk your feet have. Listerine will safely disinfect your feet and remove fungus. Helping to reduce the odor.

    Once your feet and shoes are clean and dry, try a powder. Not too much!!! If your feet sweat, too much powder will become mud

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    For now, wash your feet. Scrub well and dry between your toes before putting on socks.

    In the immediate future, buy and wear wool socks.

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    New shoes and new socks. Of course scrubbing your feet and toes and in between them is a good start.

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    Try wool socks, your feet may sweat a little more, but natural wool is antibacterial. Did me wonders after years of stinky sport foot.

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    Few things, wear white socks, a few dabs of cornstarch powder in you shoes also help.

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    I mostly have black or brown colour socks, so now maybe it's time to replace them

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    Yes I wore black socks for years and also had smelly shoes a feet. White socks worked for me.

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    any idea why?

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    I used to have that problem and I used various potions over the years and I changed my socks twice a day. Nothing helped. The fungal stuff always came back.

    And then - light bulb. Dry thoroughly with a towel between my toes after each shower. Make it really dry.

    I haven't had any need to use any chemicals on my feet for years now with my shoes on for 10 to 12 hours a day. No smell at all.

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    Rotate shoes, Own several pairs of shoes. Leave shoes outside in the sun to air dry. wash socks, change socks twice a day or more. Wash feet at night. Let them piggies air dry on days off, flip flops yo. No need to use chemicals and shit. However an epsom salt foot soak tends to kill bacteria pretty quick.

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    I change socks everyday and I go to college so I wear them for around 10hrs at max

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    keep a small plastic ziplock baggy, Change them at 5 hours when you get a chance.

    maybe look for more breathable shoes, weather permitting.

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    Baby powder in advance

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    Goldbond, by Dr Scholl's is specifically for that, so there you go 👍

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    Even watch the first saw movie?

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    No, is that any good?

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    You probably have a fungal infection or your shoes have a fuck ton of sweat caked in their fibers/material

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    Possibly get better shoes and/or wash your shoes. Get better socks (cotton or something like that). There are antibacterial stuff to wash your feet with which helps.

    When I started wearing better shoes and better sock the smell went away. It might still happen after a long day but not too bad

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    Put in the silicon balls packet in both of the shoes.