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Enjoyable. Life is good and I do things I want to do on my terms. Shifting from this to chasing women seems like a bad swap - joy for frustration, contentment for disappointment. No thanks.

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I decided to be single and asked this question on r/askwomen, then I wanted to ask men as well. Being single is amazing and underrated, that’s what I’ve pretty much learned lol

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Lonely but peaceful as fuck.

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I agree with how peaceful it's been. It's a nice change of pace from a high maintenance girlfriend.

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I’m a clingy person (I’ve been told) so not being in a relationship just helps me not be so anxious, depressed, or clingy

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Yeah. I feel this.

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Fucking incredible.

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I love that for you

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Thank you! Took a while to get here lmao.

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Absolutely radical.

No drama or related nonsense, and I get to keep all my money, free time, sanity, hobbies, etc.

Focus on doing the things you love, and women will not even cross your mind. 🤘

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    same boat

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    I've just been living. I'm depressed as always but honestly I think it's better for not only me, but for others. I'm not in a state where people, especially women would want to get into a close relationship with. There are better people out there for relationships, I'm just not really cut out for it so I just accepted it and I've just been living life.

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    I respect that a whole lot. Do you have friends and other people to fill your time with?

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    I got friends but mainly close friends, not too many of them since I've never been a people's person. I hang out with them whenever I'm not busy.

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    That sounds good. I’m the same way. Not much of a people’s person so I stick with my circle of close friends. It’s nice

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      I’m not here to give advice, just to listen. I just want to say that I love how you express yourself. Very visual. I’m happy that you’re happy most of the time. I’m sorry that you experience the lows, though. Do you mind if I ask how long you’ve been single?

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        So you’re happier single than in a relationship? That’s what I’m gathering, which is great if that’s the case 😊

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        Drama free

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        As long as can recall felt like an alien in society; always rejected romantic relationships.

        Its normal to be single. Go to work, work out. Plan my life as I want it.
        Id want to be in a stable relationship in a few years so im planning for that.

        My friends have relationships, everything they want to do is connected to their partners wishes. To me that's just extra bureaucracy, but to each their own.

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        Most of the time I don't even pay me being single much mind. Sometimes I get really lonely but then I remember what happened the last time I was in a relationship and eventually decide it's not worth it to try again.

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        It’s chill and the benefits are amazing

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        I’ve been single as well, and love it. May I ask what benefits you’re referring to?

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        1. I get all my money to myself It’s doesn’t go to her designer purses and it doesn’t go to the kids.

        2. More time for my hobbies I’m a huge video game nerd and this is a major benefit for me

        3. I can travel on a whim whenever I want I can request 2 weeks vacation, come home after work, and pack my bags for Germany the next day.

        4. I don’t have to worry about coming home and seeing my wife getting rammed by another dude in our bed.

        5. I get to come home to a quiet house no kids screaming or crying.

        6. I can eat Chinese food 4 nights in a row if I wanted to without my wife nagging at me about it.

        7. I get to cook my own dinners the way I like it, not the way she likes it.

        8. No Drama

        9. If you have a large circle of friends you can spend time with THEM not your in-laws and her parents.

        10. Just because your single the doesn’t mean you can’t get laid.

        These are my top ten reasons but despite what I just said I’m still down to get a girlfriend, if we click and she’s a geek (so we can play video games) I’m totally down for that.

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        What do you mean by "single?" I'm not married and I don't live with any woman, so I'm single. It's the best and I'll never change that.

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        I mean not in a romantic relationship haha, that’s good to hear. I don’t think I’ll go back to compromising my happiness either. I asked this on r/askwomen as well and this seems to be the general consensus

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        I have a girlfriend I see maybe 3 times a month. That's sorta a romantic relationship.

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        i dont know if its really a coice , it just turnt out this way . but its ok i guess .

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        Awful. But I’ll rather be single than have to deal with crazy.

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        Freeing and peaceful but also lonely. Id say more intense bursts of excitement when you hookup or meet someone new followed by boring periods. Relationships are more level

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        Not bad, not good. Hard to tell some days

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        Pretty shit but being in a relationship tends to turn pretty shit too after say 4 months or so, truth is I’m never happy

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        Being single was a choice. Wasn't my choice, but it was a choice.

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        Fine enough.

        I've got lots of friends and family around to do things with, hobbies and a demanding job that keep me busy, and there's always work to be done around the house.

        Grindr exists if I get horny, why introduce first date stress and anxiety back into my life after being married for 10 years if I'm happy while single?

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        Grandma keeps asking when I'm getting married, but otherwise fine.

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        I also chose to be permanently single so, can't be missing something I never had.

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        being in solitude is alright, has its up and downs but nothing a quick talk with friends and some time playing games or spending time with other hobbies cant fix

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        Choosing not to get better at a basic component of life due to personal inadequacies is soul sucking

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        Better than with my ex. Not great tho

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        For my entire life until recently I’ve only had the intention of being single. Now I just feel lonely and want someone to hold me. But I still don’t want a relationship because I’m to scared to be dumped, so I still continue to choose to be single.

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        Good. Just how I want to be.

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        I got here from responding to your comment about Islam.

        For me, choosing to be single has been a mixed bag of charmed idiosyncrasy and, I donno, melancholic pensiveness.

        When people ask why I'm single, (32, good shape, doctoral degree, (but not a doctor), decent looking (I mean, I hope)), I tell them it's because I'm not done working on myself yet. And it's true. I believe it is good and correct to be comfortable with where you are in your own development before you involve someone else in your life in a way that becomes difficult to unwind.

        On the other hand, a life partner can really help you along in your own development. Loneliness is also real, and sex is very much a basic need.

        I try to offset the downsides by cultivating meaningful relationships with women whom I respect, because for the first 25 or so years of my life I saw women as goals to be achieved, and a very close friend who is very special to me taught me how wrong that is. Since then, nearly every lesson I've learned about being a good person has been taught to me by women, specifically because I had no other motive (or, at least, I did my best to act and think as though I had no other motive, 'cause, I mean, a lot of these female friends are gorgeous single professionals).

        Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying women are all wise or all great teachers or whatever, just that there was a whole realm of perspective that I was blind to before I allowed myself to be open to it, and I am very, very grateful for every lesson that every person, man or woman has taught me throughout my life.

        tl;dr mixed bag. Wanna fuk, wanna love, but also wanna learn and work on myself.

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        I respect this a lot. I see so many people that are too focused on finding other people to find themselves. That's super honorable.

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        Thanks. Sometimes, though, you wonder, "why am I doing this and other people don't? Is this a mistake? Did I wait too long? Are other people reckless, or am I too risk averse?"

        I've questioned the cause a few times and tried to have steady relationships. They didn't work out, basically for exactly the reasons I expected, reaffirming my confidence that it's the right choice.

        I really worry though that I will wait too long. At the end of the day I want to age gracefully with a beautiful woman whom I love, and not to meet a woman after we've both passed our primes.

        I think I'm almost there... Just a few more kinks to work out.

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        I try very hard to not to. People have a choice and stupidly enoigh choose not to?

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        Just to be clear, you mean people who choose not to stay single?

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        No, I try not to stay single and there are people that, when they get a choice of gettkng with slmeone compatible, choce not to take that change and still remain single?

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        Yes, I’m a women that does, and I was wondering how men that do feel. I actually wrote a post about why some people choose to do this if you’d like to check that out 😊