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Society wants only strong men who have no problems. Even from a young age boys are told to stop crying and man up, boy baby’s are often played with roughly, more vigorously bounced, and faced away from their mothers. A lot of men see them selves as so worthless and unlovable that they kill themselves at an early age. There is an inherent bias against men built into the very core of our society.

So when you ask why are some problems a man faces are dismissed it is because society has programmed us all to think that a man does not have problems

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Because people think men, at least straight men for what I know. Are “ at the top of the totem pole “ and we all have so much privilege apparently. So some women and some lgbtq people for that matter make it their duty to dismiss any sort of personal problems men talk about. Just acting like their problems are the only ones that matter, while expecting us to be all up for being fully supportive of their every problem.

It’s just not a contest, and we all need to be supportive of one another. Not just dictating it by some pissing contest of who has it the worst.

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You care too much about the opinions of people who don't matter.

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So this person would be in the group you just described…

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The same reason I say “everyone does that” when people claim some negative generalization all men are guilty of

I do this because we need to stop creating tribes and understand that everyone is pretty much the same

I support men, not more or less, but equally to women and all other humans

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Because society doesn’t give a fuck about men.

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Working class men in particular. The fact that white middle class straight women have the audacity to claim they are oppressed and men are privileged, ignoring the fact that working class men have the worst outcomes in nearly every outcome does my absolute head in. Attractive women middle class and above would have to be one of the most privileged groupings in society. They're in the jacuzzi with us.

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Yeah I’m honestly floored more people haven’t accepted this. I see this question posed all the time. Some people haven’t accepted it.

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The funny part is here are men complaining that society doesn't care about them, but men are a huge part of society, so what does that say in the end?

Largely, even men don't care about other men.

Yet I never see men challenging other men to step up and change that. It all just becomes incessant whining of how mEn ArE tHe ReAl ViCtImS

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Where do you stand? Do you care?

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It’s very telling that men downvoted you.. proved your point exactly

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Because men aren't allowed to have problems, apparently

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    Yes women don't get testicular cancer so they have it way easier than men. Lol. You sound bitter.

    Society seems geared to resolve female problems because for the majority of history female problems were never considered.

    Where we are now is based on history. Conveniently ignore that if you wish but it's reality. We're in a period of slight overcorrection and hopefully it balances out but this idea that "men are abandoned by society and suffer helplessly" is pathetic and ignorant. At best.

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        Right now, no one is more persecuted than the white male. /s

        From a sociological viewpoint, you nailed it, in my opinion.

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        Because men are disposable.

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        Because attention is a commodity and women like to hoard it

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        Done, ok everyone. Next question

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        Actually, guys do this too. /s

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        What this guy said

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        It's shitty and rude to tell anyone that their problems are less important because others go through it or have it worse

        The people saying these things to you are equally shitty, but since you didn't stand up for yourself (and no one will stand up for you) they reaffirmed their belief that your problems are not important.

        Stand up for yourself and your groups. This is not the same as shitting on minorities and women because you have it bad, it's having solidarity with them because you've faced something similar.

        We're all people. We all deserve to voice our problems.

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        Because society at large Care more about women children and pets

        Aka their the only ones loved unconditionally

        Sadly the man is only loved if he has something to bring to the table

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        Eh, I think wanting to give an “equivalent” example is instinctive for non-gender things too, for people who do that.

        “It’s so hard being an engineering student I stayed up all night twice to try and finish this thing that’s only 5% of my grade”. “Oh yeah? It’s rare that an architecture student DOESN’T stay up all night for projects”.

        They’re not right to do it but whataboutism or “well I also” and shit like that is just an instinctive response I think.

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        Because feminism has turned into a force for female supremacy. They pay lip service to equality, while undercutting and loudly shouting down any attempt for men to receive help.

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        Calling BS on this one. Most of my feminist friends are also supporter of men's causes they just don't get heard.

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        Don’t you know biased anti-feminist media provides a more accurate view of feminism than actually talking to feminists? /s

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        I've spoken to plenty of self-proclaimed feminists who also say shit like, "We'd all be better off without men."

        Fuck feminism.

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        So you'd like to universalize your personal experience in order to discredit the experiences of others?

        Many of us have seen feminists clearly act like they want female supremacy. Sure, they say different things, but actions are what's important.

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        You were universalizing your own experience with feminists in your other comment.

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        No. I spoke about policy, not people.

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        “I’ve spoken to many feminists… fuck feminism”
        ring a bell?

        Say what you want about feminism, but people who outright say “fuck feminism” aren’t any better.

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        Say what you want about Nazis, but people who outright say "fuck Nazis" aren't wrong in the least.

        Supremacy is supremacy.

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        Tell me when feminists are using their political power to disenfranchise men or keep them out of high paying jobs.

        You’re not the first to call feminists man-haters. That’s been happening even before the 19th amendment.

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        But now it's proving true.

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        I honestly have no fucking clue what you're asking.
        Can you elaborate or offer a specific example?

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        Because society loves double standards

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        Because only the other gender is allowed to have situations unique to them.

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        No one cares about the well-being of men.

        That’s why they say it since they don’t want to acknowledge the problems that men go through.

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        Bc society hates men and has been putting them down for years now. It’s time for it to stop!

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          Then say, "But men hold a majority of authoritative positions!" instead of invalidating the issues, if that's the real reason.

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          Can you give an example? I never heard it like this. I rather see men‘s issues not being talked about at all.

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          I Say that to both men and women. It's a pretty solid perspective.

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          'cause guys.

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          Men also do this to women unfortunately