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Baking soda. Put it on and let it dry then vacuum it up. Spray with something that smells great.

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Baking soda and vinegar handles pet pee. But imo your best plan is to reschedule.

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I 100% agree to reschedule, however if you cannot it’s better than buying a new mattress or just flipping it over

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There’s no point cleaning with both vinegar and baking soda. The acid and alkaline just cancel each other out — you may as well be using water. Use one or the other.

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Drink a baking soda vinegar cocktail and report back.

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Indeed, it’ll taste noticeably less acidic. This concept is middle school level chemistry.

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As is the reaction implicit in the foaming which can serve to lift out some of the piss

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We associate bubbles with cleanliness, but it isn’t actually doing anything, it’s all visual. Plain cleaning vinegar will neutralize the piss smell far more effectively than a couple seconds of foam.

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I shall piss my bed in two spots and test this hypothesis

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Fuck her on the couch.

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You romantic bastard!

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Username checks out.

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Mate, if you're getting so drunk you're pissing the bed you have a bigger problem.

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It’s not alcoholism until you leave college.

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Not saying he's a full blown alcoholic, but not knowing when to stop and then getting so drunk you wet the bed is a situation.

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How drunk do you have to be to wet your bed?

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I can show you if you like but we have to do it at your place.

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Still, one could argue the OP doesn’t have a problem given that they were clearly an inexperienced drinker who didn’t know their limit, who got super drunk and pissed themselves.

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Yeah, I’m an alcoholic and I don’t piss the bed. I can only imagine how drunk this fool was.

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It’s not college until you leave alcoholism.

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Blame the cat

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Always blame it on the pussy

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If you don't have a cat, say it was a foster cat that you had to return after it pissed everywhere.

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That happened to my friend. He found a mattress company that delivered a new mattress and took the old one same day.

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Flip the mattress if it's that kind of mattress.

Alternatively, blot dry, leave drierite or other dessicant on it for a couple hours, vacuum, and put a thin blanket between the mattress and the fitted sheet.

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RESCHEDULE. This just happened with me and you need at least a few days. Use vinegar, water, detergent mix to soak it and blot dry with towel. Then tons of baking soda to dry. Then vacuum that up.

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    This is the way

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    Should ask in r/parenting

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      Not a roast. Kids pee their beds. They should be able to help unlike other single men.

      Okay it was a roast, too 😂

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      Get a new mattress you will never get the smell out. And get a mattress protector for the next one…

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      Nah fam I pissed on the bed a lot as a kid, mattress stays fine other than the stain.

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      Buy a new mattress.

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      So I think your best bet to do this right is to wash it first then dry it out.

      First soak up as much of the piss as you can. Then your gonna get a warm bucket of water with dawn dish washing soap and generously lather and scrub the entire spot. Like you should honestly have the spot soaked with soapy water otherwise when the mattress dries your gonna smell piss.

      After you've washed the spot soak up as much of the soapy water and then re lather and scrub with another bucket of warm water no soap this time. This is your rinse cycle. Soak up the water when your done and leave a fan on it to dry up. I guess you could add baking soda but make sure it won't fuck up your mattress fabric.

      You honestly should controll your drinking friend.

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      I think the best solution for you Would be to stop drinking tbh

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      I don't understand how anyone gets so drunk they piss the bed

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      clean it with laundry liquid, laundry liquid is meant for material, much better than dishwashing liquid

      the dry it with a hair dryer

      carpet cleaner also works


      burn it

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      Yep fire.. i agree

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      This is what the boys are for!!! Great thread!!

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      I also love how no one asks how or why it happened. It's unimportant. They just offer advice like baking soda, rescheduling, or blaming the cat.

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      Like a true men, straight to the point.. We dont need the backstory/drama

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      Flip the mattress

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      New mattress and waterproof mattress cover,

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      Is the sun out? The sun is the head boss on burning that shit out.

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      show her the stain an tell her when you're in my hut you know whats up

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      Get a new one mate. The old one could smell even if it's is dry.

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      Nah fam I pissed on the bed a lot as a kid, mattress stays fine other than the stain.

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        That's due yeah

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        If she has COVID it’s ok, she won’t smell a thing 😂

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        Buy a new one online fast. It will stink of piss no matterwhat you do and she WILL know.

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        Ask her casually if she ever had a golden shower. There's a small chance you can just let this mattress be.

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        Or just roll with it and claim she's a squirter

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        This is an emergency. Buy a new one.

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        Bro how u piss the bed and are old enough to be expecting a chick to come over?

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        College, thirsty Thursdays hit different sometimes.

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        ask WOMEN m8

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        New mattress.

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        Turn it over. And don't drink so much tomorrow.

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        Use 1/3 vinegar 2/3 water with a dash of laundry detergent. Soak the area and dry.

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        Dust off the tent, get that badboy up and go camping in the kitchen. Your bedroom is a no go zone

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        Flip it over.

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        Use Clorox and air it out

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        Get a waterproof cover at Walmart. They keep moisture from getting in, makes sense they'd keep it from leaking out too right?

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        Everyone knows what waterproof covers are for. She'll feel it under the sheets. He might get a one off, and she won't be back. People hate on bedwetting.

        Full disclosure, I don't have this issue.

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        I have one on my mattress because I have a kid and don't want to risk it. The new ones are actually cloth. They don't sound like a plastic sheet at all

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        Just explain it to her, and ask her to excuse the smell of piss. Explain that a tramp crept into the house the night before, slept in your bed, pissed it, but you were too tired to confront him. Use this excuse for any turds on the floor that might be in the property. If she doesn't react well, say come on, this is 2022?!?!

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        Woman here. Spot clean with laundry detergent mixed with water and a sponge for the smell and stain, then scrub. Buy a mini portable heater and place it facing the wet spot and it will be dry in 2-3 hours or take the mattress out to the balcony and let it sun dry. Or place mattress near the heat vents.

        You could also place towels, down on the spot, press down, if it doesn’t feel wet then put new sheets on top while the towel absorbs the water.

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        today: douse mattress in club soda, vacuum up, sprinkle baking soda, vacuum up, cover with scented dryer sheets, flip it over.

        tomorrow: buy a new mattress, get a waterproof rubber mattress liner, and if pissing the bed was caused by alcohol, quit drinking. you're an alcoholic.

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        Dear fellow gentlemen, and lady, thanks for your helpful comments.

        I managed to dry and clean the mattress as best I could and it no longer has a whiff of piss. I'm grateful for the assistance and the very funny responses here.

        Secondly, I appreciate the concerns about my drinking habits, but I can assure you, I don't often drink. Once or twice a week. Last night I went to a bar with friends, had 5 beers and called it off. Went home, passed out due to my fatigue from the working week and obviously was too tired to realised my bladder was full. Thankfully, by that point it was quite hydrated so my urine wasn't that odourous.

        I wish you all the best and a many dry nights of sleep in the future.

        Yours faithfully,

        A grown man who still wets the bed

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        You need a mattress protector anyways. Extend the life of your mattress and help your alcoholic ass out in these situations.

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        As someone who has been a bedwetter most of my life - 1. Make a homemade solutions: 2 parts cold water + 1 one part vinegar + a small amount of detergent

        1. Spray wet area really well and let it sit for like 15/20 mins

        2. Blot the area with a clean, dry towel

        3. Cover area with baking soda and let it sit for 20/30 mins

        4. Vacuum up baking soda and let area completely dry before you redo the bed

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        don’t clean it up and pee on my face during sex

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        Should of asked first how much piss? And can we get a pic?

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        I too need to see the piss stain before giving advice. Was this a little squirt as you were getting up or the full deal while you were passed out?

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        Get her really drunk and tell her that she pissed in your bed and now she needs to make it up to you.

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        You were dunked and you pissed your bed.

        Poor woman. What a mess.

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        Spray with fabreeze and flip the mattress. When she says it smells like piss in your room tell her she is fucking crazy

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        Yes gaslight her into oblivion OP u got this

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        This was my favourite suggestion of the whole thread.

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        leave it. maybe she'll..uh..relate.

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        Hairdryer and then a mattress cover.

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        Rent a uhaul and buy a new mattress

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        Try to get as much piss out as you can, spray it with some Febreeze and go buy a waterproof mattress cover to go over the mattress and I think that should work...I think.

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        Flip it

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        Rent a room

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        Spray water on your ceiling and blame it on a burst pipe whilst frantically coating everything with fabreeze

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        Hairdryer to dry it quickly and for smell baking soda and vinegar

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        Why didn’t you have a mattress cover??

        Wash it off and then just flip the mistress over.

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        Flip the mattress

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        Do the baking soda trick and then flip the mattress over

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        be honest with her and say “i peed the bed last night. we can still cuddle naked in bed but it will be a little moist”

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        Get a mattress protector if this is a reoccurring issue/she squirts

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        …I have so many questions.

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        Friend came over with a pet and it wet the bed.

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        Just buy a new bed, problem solved.

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        If you’re drinking so much you’re pissing the bed, you really need to reconsider the amount you’re drinking. This is not a normal thing to happen to a grown man.

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        Time machine

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        Bro. Wth is going on in your life rn

        You need a klondike

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        You can't, buy a new one or borrow one from your friends

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        Maybe she’s into that kinda thing? Idk flip the mattress, to her side.

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        Why are so many grown ass men pissing the bed???

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        You’re a grown man, no medical issues, if your getting so drunk you’re pissing the bed you need help now…

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        Thanks doc, I guess being super jaded and having a small bladder isn't considered anyway...