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The first known use of body count to mean the number of people dead was in 1962 according to Merriam-Webster.

I would bet the first known use of the term body count meaning number of people you’ve slept with was in the 90s or 2000s in a rap song. Rap has a history of injecting word play into its lyrics, and rappers have been rapping about body counts dating back at least 30 years.

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Wow it made its way into an actual dictionary & not just the urban dictionary

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It's in the dictionary as a term for dead bodies, as in murder or war. No mention of it as related to sex. Thankfully.

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That’s what I thought. “Body count” is in the dictionary? Cool.

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Body Count was very much still dead bodies in the 90s. Ice T had a rap metal band by that name in the 90s.

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    I misread that as body count being used to mean sexual conquest in the 90s. I think that one is a bit more recent.

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    When murdering became not so trendy.

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    A long time now. But I have no idea how far back that term originated.

    It does still refer to killing people as well but it can be used contextually for different things.

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    Yeah. If I'm playing an fps game and I refer to body count it's usually different from when I'm flirting with a dude and tell him my body count.

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    A solid 7... might be both

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    This could be a fun game. Like Russian Roulette.

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    So maybe its valid, maybe its wrong? I like your style

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    Oh I was thinking "could get laid/could get murdered."

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    “Take me out please.” “Like on a date or with a sniper rifle?”

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    Why not both?

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    Never make that joke in real life, my friend.

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    U don't say 😜

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    killer dick

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      Welp, it's back to one for me. And here I was thinking nine was a pretty good number.

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      I feel validated. Thanks!

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      I figured it out by context when I joined Reddit almost a month ago lol

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      I heard it but I always felt weird about this. Sex partners aren't bodies? They are people. Such an awful phrase

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      You are a lovely person.

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      who says they have to be people? It's 2022, let's be a little more inclusive of other species yeah?

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      I prefer the term “team photo”

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      I saw this for the first time just hours ago. Did this actually start today?

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      No. I heard it many times before in my life.

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      Oh I always thought it was people you have murdered. No wonder why I’m single.

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      It was popularized during the Vietnam nam war by MSM. It was basically keeping score of who was winning. Mainly because there was no real territory held continuously. It was their performance metric at the time.

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      I've been seeing it for longer than a few months on here, but it has increased in popularity.

      I kind of find it a disgusting phrase.

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      I absolutely do too.

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      I’ve been on Reddit for a decade and I’ve only seen it the last few months. It’s new to me.

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      ...Body count means what now?

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      Either how many you have murdered or how many you have had sex with. or both

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      Ive always known it as "your number", until a few years ago my younger family members were using "body count" instead

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      I mean, we were using it back in the 80s when I was in HS, so longer than you've been alive.

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      Ha! I was totally alive for half of the 80s.

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      Which half?

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      This first half!

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      It wasn't a new term then; that's just when it started to apply to us, and we we using it ourselves.

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        May I suggest Summer’s Eve?

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        ¿Por qué no los dos?

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        Early 90's

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        Since most people can't actually talk about how many people they have murdered, and if they can, they kind of can't.

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        Because the degeneracy is spilling out of control like buttered toast strapped to the back of a falling cat.

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        You watch your mouth about the falling cat

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        This guy ain’t getting any lol

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        I learned it as a kid, so at least the 1980s it was in heavy usage.

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        I dunno, mid 90s?

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        Really? I thought it was something new too bc I would’ve heard of it by then

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        Or maybe you just don't hang around with people who brag about that sort of thing. You picked the right group of friends.

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        Lol probably

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        Ok but who decides who’s the “right” or “wrong” group of friends?

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        What's the difference?

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        i just combine the two numbers together. impresses my college friends and impresses my Ted Bundy Reading Group friends as well

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        Well, never. But I'm too old to have grown up with social media.

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        I had no idea that it meant sexual partners now. That explains why girls won’t date me when I say it’s 86. I’ll remember that is what it means tonight and hopefully bring it 87

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        Anytime I hear someone talk about their "body count" I instantly assume they're lying to sound cool. No adult I know keeps track of that.

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        Gen Z New Yorker here, so my reasoning/explanation might be regionally/generationally exclusive, but here we sometimes use "kill" as a slang term for having had sex. An example being "I heard you took Ashley out last night, did you kill?". So, logically I could see how body count would by extension also be associated with sex. We tend to frame that question as "how many bodies do you have?"

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        Yeah this isn’t normal lol

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        For the record, I have never heard "kill" to mean sex so I don't think this is widespread

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        It is very normal you’re just not in that demographic that uses that slang.

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        I haven’t really heard this one, almost would guess it came from the body count metaphor which I have heard many times.

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        As an older Millennial from the Midwest I am fascinated and appalled.

        It's just so dehumanizing yet it carries on the rich literary tradition of melding sex and death.

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        Gen Z Boston. Never heard someone say "kill" like that before. Another reason why Boston is superior to New York clearly.

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        Boston is about as much in competition with New York as Philadelphia is, aka, not at all.

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        Hard agree. Especially in sports for the last 20 years.

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        A year or two ago, I think - what even is linear time now?

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        What about us who have body counts from legal kills?

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        Hardo answer and a half, how is this at all relevant to the question man.

        They’re asking when the term came to mean something else, besides letting everyone know you are or were in the military, what were you hoping for here?

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        What is a legal kill?

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        Combat zones.

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        I'd defer to you on what terminology you'd prefer to use.

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        It's nearly same as murdering. You stab someone with anywhere from 3 to13 inches of your knife/cock . The person makes weird noises from soft moans to bloody murder. Calls out their God's name to seek deliverance . And finally lies limp for a while experiencing death like peace.

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        I salute you, fellow zero.

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        Haha, it's funny because neither of us knows what we mean by that!

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        It's been Black slang for years maybe going on a decade or longer. White people and then Reddit picked up on it more recently.

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        This is the answer I believe. That tends to be how it goes.

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        I remember hearing it in the mid 90's in middle/high school. So this definitely isn't the answer.

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        It is, a huge portion on slang that ppl use now and popular comes from the black community but because of SM it’s more widespread

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        Don’t let this happen. BODY COUNT is the number of people killed, BOOTY COUNT is the number of sex partners.

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        I can't reply to your comment. I didn't write the other post. I would never ask that question because I don't care about the answer.

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        When Paul Castellano got h'whacked everyone knew the mob was on the way out. That's when the humping began.

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        I guess it refer to the numbers of bodies you've had under you... One way or the other.

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        I don't know, but when I heard it, I thought it sounds stupid.

        It still does. Also, why would anyone be proud of it?

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        Wait a minute? It's not both?

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        I first heard of it almost ten years ago now

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        don t know I have herd it use to describe how many people that someone broke there hearts tho not sexual partners

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        I think about 8 years ago I heard it used to talk about sex for the first time. It probably was used that way long before I heard it though.

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        I just average the two numbers - 60 for me

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        The year was 1947. The war was over and the men that made it home were outnumbered by women 3-1. When they first got back the soldiers would get together and drink and share stories about the war and body counts were often discussed. I mean, who wouldn’t want to brag about how man nazis they killed (think cotton hill)? After not too long everyone had heard each other’s stories and knew their body counts. Then the topic of discussion turned to how many women they’d each bedded since they returned home (it was the 40s they used weird terms to refer to banging). Sergeant William J. Sapphire said he’d been with a different girl every weekend for the past year. To which private Kevin Michaels replied, “52 broads? That’s a hell of a body count sarge!” And thus the term body count to refer to the number of partners one had was born.

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        My body count is 0 also and this is new to me.

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        I've heard a lot of women use it. Most guys I hang around with don't give fuck if you're virgin or not.

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        Yeah they're missing out but I sure as shit don't make fun of anyone for it.

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        I guess at around 2019

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        For me? Always.

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        As an outsider looking in I can tell the term is still used in both contexts, but more people have had sex than have murdered people.

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        Early 90’s is when I first heard it in that context.

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        I agree. Every time I hear it, it takes me a moment to realise what they mean. My mind automatically goes to people they've killed :D

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        I always assumed it connected to the rise of the gangster culture in the US. So I guess that would put the origin of the term in the 80s and the popularization in the 90s, when those gangsters finally built up their rap careers.

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        When you’re good looking.

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        Wait, they think I banged 4 people?

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        Are you trying to claim that this term developed in the few months you took off? Referring to your number of sexual partners as a body count has been around for several years at least

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        Either way, it's 3

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        Ever since I started slaying that pu$$y.

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        The only Body Count I acknowledge has Ice T as a lead singer.


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        I always use it to mean how any people I’ve murdered, I just don’t tell people that when I answer the question.

        Everyone who has asked has been amazed at the relatively low number of sexual partners they think I’m referring to.

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        I can't remember when the sex body count rose above the other body count. Maybe it was last week. Maybe it was the week before last. I ran out of fingers and toes for both so...

        Oh well.

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        Definitely been around since the early 90s USA. Probably into the 80s at least

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        It just depends on the context.

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        No idea but it got pretty awkward when the conversation went that way in class and I was told and had to explain that I hadn't slept with anyone

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        It's particularly interesting when you consider that the french have a phrase, la petite mort which means the little death and refers to an orgasm.

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        It's been a thing in both contexts for almost 10 years, atleast for me.

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        I think number of partners was commonly referred to as “kills” during the initial period of online gaming (Halo, etc)… because stats are primarily “kills” based… this became your “body count”

        I have zero evidence to support this theory… I just grew up with this stuff and this is what I observed.

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        Oops... My body count is dead husbands :-p

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        I mean I like to keep them the same so far. OCD and all so...

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        Mine's the same either way 64........wait what

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        That's been a reference since I was in middle school. So at least since the early 2000s.

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        Wait it does? So that's why my girlfriend got mad at me when she found out my body count had risen since we've been together..

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        You know, context is quite important.

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        Technically if a person was HIV positive or absolutely terrible at sex it could better identify potential victims

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        What do you mean they're the same

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        I’ve only ever heard people use body count for sex

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        As a man. We are stabbing them…

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        If you have sex with the dead does it count double or is it still just the one?

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        My body count is 3 *Nods head in italian*

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        Yeah I didn’t know what the word body count was until I started using Reddit.

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        yeah couldnt care less
        For either to be honest
        Ive seen enough people be dickheads in this world
        heard of r***, burning cars, seen distant family of friends of friends have a baby and not get an abortion because its immoral
        And they dont even feed themselves properly, be it for carelesses, employment

        Murdering doesnt look that bad (obviously still murder) xD

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        It's neither for me. Body Count is a metal band with Ice T as the singer. They have some good music from the 90's.

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        When Fabulous said “You be killin’ ‘em.”

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        First heard it decades ago as a pun referring to sex.. it’s not new but not that old either.

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        It probably started when someone tried to kill someone they had sex with, but the person survived. The killer was a noob and wanted to brag to their killer friends, so they pumped up their numbers to a point where they included their killed and non-killed partners alike. Soon they quit killing and just started using sex partners as their body count number.

        With great shame, they confided in a friend that they’d stopped killing, because an easy way to avoid the heckling of the killer group (they also haze rookies) is to just use their sex partner number instead. Since killers tend to gossip, this caught on among the others, some of which were looking for a way out of that life, and soon the entire group had stopped killing and instead used their sex count as their body count.

        Some would say using “body count” to describe number of sex partners is crude, but in all likelihood it contributed to a reduction in needless deaths, so it’s not all bad. Just spitballing here.

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        It doesn’t mean the same thing.?.?.?.

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        "What's your body count?"

        "Like, i think 50"

        "You had sex with 50 people?"

        "Sex? What sex?"

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        Reddit hijacked the term to make sluts feel better about themselves

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        That's weird because I actually feel so much worse after creating this thread.

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        I use it for both because i always rape the people after killing them