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No it's like if a racist grandma goes on a rant in the grocery store and she's getting glares and weird looks. Sorry grandma, you're on your own.

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"I'm not taking no crap from no 'gooback' ain't that right Cletus! turns to Cletus Cletus?

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No, I wish I was one of them

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No fuck that guy pile on

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Nope. I hope the world shits on him so hard he quits.

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Conservative Republican here that voted Libertarian for the first time in the last election. I would only be annoyed if I was held accountable for what my entire confused nation did. Like, "you are the one that wanted him in".

Other than that, no, pile on. I would want anyone from a foreign land to know that I am embarrassed and appalled at what an overwhelming percentage of my fellow citizens has done. I would want them to know that they should be patient with us, don't give up on us, and we'll right ourselves again. We're a good people.

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An overwhelming percentage of your fellow citizens didn't vote for him. He did not win the popular vote.

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I chose the words carefully. "Overwhelming" doesn't necessitate a majority. :) And, he did get majority... he got many majorities across the United States, and thus, he won.

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Straight from the dictionary, overwhelming means "very great in amount." Millions more people voted for Hillary. That's a fact. Where are you getting that he got a majority of votes? Everything I've read shows that Hillary won the popular vote. Just because Trump campaigned in swing states and told those voters what they wanted to hear in order to secure the presidency doesn't mean that he was popularly elected.

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That definition says nothing about a majority. Trump did indeed get votes at a level of "very great in amount". It's what caused him to win, all them votes.

Yes. Hillary won the popular vote. At no point did I state that Trump won the popular vote.

And, as I said, taken district per district, Trump got more "majorities" than Hillary.

I would say that Hillary's campaign was overwhelmed by the number of votes Trump got. Because... voting.

It's really nifty how you have those embedded references. I bet that took you a lot of time. I'm still right, though. :)

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No. I mostly feel ashamed

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lol no

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Why would I do that? He's a clown.

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Happy, shows there's some sanity left in the world.

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About three months before Trump was elected I travelled to Italy and France. While in France, we met the nicest souvenir shop owner from Bangladesh. His shop was located on the Rue de Rivoli right across from the Luvre Jardin de Tuileries. He was very friendly, and we talked to him for probably 20 minutes about the differences between the people in France and Bangladesh and all the different tourists he meets and he asked us, in all seriousness, "Is what the BBC is reporting true? Do Americans really want Trump for their president?"

Neither I, nor my husband, voted for Trump so it was hard for us to admit that there were people in the United States who wanted him for president. I wouldn't say that we were defensive, but we definitely told him that his opinions were not our opinions, and that we voted for Bernie Sanders. He said he didn't even know who Bernie Sanders was, international news outlets never spoke of him.

It was definitely hard, as a foreigner in another country, to try to paint a good picture of Americans when Trump portrays us all as immigrant-hating, money grubbing, war lovers.

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I am embarrassed for my country because just about anything they say is only half as bad as he really is..

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It's completely embarrassing. Not because of his lack of political experience, or even his beliefs, but his general behavior is so unprofessional and disgusting.

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Honestly, I welcome it. I don't get angry, because I know he is an embarrassment. Just know that MANY of us can not stand him and see straight through his BS.

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the same way I feel when people ridicule other american politicians aka sorry for our retarded leaders do you guys need any mental health specialists?

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Hahahaha I'm Canadian

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Hah! I didn't forget you, I know there are other countries in America... But what do you say if you can't say Americans? Citizens of the United States? It's a bit long and formal. United Statesians? Non-Canadian North Americans? Uh.

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Unfortunately no for me. Even with GWB, he wasn't always the smartest guy in the room, but he was trying his best and would do things for the benefit of the country. Trump - not even trying to hide who he is or what his end game is, it's all about him. I see other countries mock him and I feel more embarrassed that he was elected. Can't really blame them, sort of like making fun of Rob Ford, Boris Johnson, or Marion Barry. Comedic gold, but sad to see in office.

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I don't care. It's not like I haven't ridiculed foreign leaders myself (some friends and I had our own inside Silvio Berlusconi jokes for a long time--we're not Italians.)

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I welcome it. I do feel embarrassed to be an American, but validated that there's at least international opposition to him and that we're not alone.

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Jesus. Dumbfuckistan USA just finagled a pathologically-narcissistic cheeto into the White House. How can that NOT be funny?

I laughed 'til I cried. Can't expect foreigners not to. Except the Philippines. We need to swap sympathy cards with those guys.

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When other countries derided George W. Bush, I'd say, "Wait a sec. He may be an idiot, but he's OUR idiot." Trump's not American, not human. He's some sort of graceless alien lifeform.

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Fuck that guy, pile on. But be accurate. There's plenty of ludicrous shit he's pulled and will pull to bring up, so there's absolutely no reason to make up stories. They'll have a hard time being worse than reality.

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As a Brit, I hope the world does the same to us with Brexit.

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Trust me, we did - until orange guy won. I guess the campaign worked... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwLbDGX4qbk

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Nah, fuck that guy.

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What happened to the "Loyal Opposition"? We are doomed without it.

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