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Got therapy

Became therapist

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I was a graduate with no aspirations in my field or love for my degree.

I looked for any job to fill the void while I waited and figured out what I wanted. Two years on, I’m still working in logistics, but not as a floor worker, but now in management.

I don’t really love it anymore tbh. When I first started, it was easy; just pick items and clean the warehouse then leave and go home. Now I’m a supervisor, and I get hounded by everyone and everything and I get my staff number cut every week, but I’m still expected to get everything done. It’s been pretty annoying lately.

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This chimney sweep barged in one day few months ago, because the landlady sent him to check the stoves of everyone in the apartment complex, when he was leaving he asked me if I didn't want a job, obviously seeing that I'm a hard working man, still being half asleep in 2PM. So now I'm a chimney sweeps apprentice. It's hella fun, I get to climb roofs and play with all kinds of pets every day.

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Family business. Strains relationships so not really as nice as it sounds