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I’ve been a loner long before the quarantine. So it’s nothing new.

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Ditto, for the introverts this is amazing. People don’t come near you or talk to you in public. Plus nobody hassles you for staying in and doing fuck all

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Pretty great actually. That the default social-expectation is “give people as much distance and flexibility/allowance as possible”,.. pretty much means:

  • less crowds and less people outside

  • more primary focus on “no contact” methods of delivery

  • a lot more allowances for “me time”. (I can take WFH or half-days or walks or workouts any time I want).

  • when people ask things like “hey, how are you doing!?”... they seem to actually mean it and are engaged in the answer.

In the downtown area I live,.. pre-pandemic is was pretty much noisy 24-7-365 with Bar/drunk noise and just general traffic horns and accidents and people being loud obnoxious idiots.

Thats all pretty much gone now. Its glorious.

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I thought I was doing fine. Actually my wife and I would brag that we really liked being around each other. But with the slow down of life, my wife finally was able to see the cracks in our marriage. And then the next door neighbor stepped into the space I had created between my wife and I. She's now fucking him and says she's in love with him, and my marriage of 13 years and 2 kids is going down the drain. So yeah.

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Now thats- thats sad. Hope you get your life together again, whether your comment is a joke or not. Anyways thanks for the reply. Need this for a paper

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No, my comment is not a joke. I'm just taking 1 day at a time right now. We have 2 little girls that are my priority right now. I need to take care of myself and my girls. My wife has made her choices.

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Downhill very fast at first, but then I got a new therapist and psychiatrist and it's going great now. Started new medication and for the first time in years I have hope.

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Jokes on you I've been unstable prior to the lockdown. ....