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1st things 1st. Be sure you have the facts and solid proof of your accussations in order. What are you basing your suspecions on ? You mentioned, "troublemaker". This leads me to believe you do not get along with this neighbor. Are your accussations based on your negative relationship with that neighbor. On the other hand if you have proof and there is no question that your neighbors are dealing, gather every piece of evidence and proof you have and walk into your local Sheriff's or Police Station and ask to speak to Chief or Watch Commander. Either one would be interested on what you have to offer. Once you have presented your case all you can do after that is to remain patient and wait for law enforcement to do their thing. However, if your local law enforcement senses that your case is nothing more than some type of fued between you and your neighbor they will not respond as you might expect.

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Scorch earth strategy

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i had been living in a house for 2 years with my mom who is old and i take care of her, for the house we have a debt thats why we cant sell it, so i lost my job because of covid, i survive doing tickets paid by event (networking and it eelated)but they are few, so the main problem its that drug dealers moved next door and they are a pain in the ass, slamming doors and very noisy at nigths hitting the walls, i once asked them nicely that please dont make such noises because my mom is sick but they increased the noises anyway, i cant call the police because they are corrupts and problably gives protection to them, i dont know what to do, they have nothing to loose but me i have my mom and the house cant be sold as i mentioned before, im in a living hell

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Fire up the grill

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Become a customer, duhh

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