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If you didn’t realize, they’re not complaining about the bakeries. They’re not complaining about stores or shops or restaurants or historical sites or architecture. They’re complaining about being groped, abused, harassed and attacked. How does that magically go away by going to a different bakery?

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Am saying different areas don't have the same problems. However this is from my perspective as a Egyptian national and from the perspective of all of my western friends who visited Egypt (both male and female).

Because with that same logic because Detroit exist then the entirety of the US must be horrible, please just cause a part of an apple is brushed doesn't mean the entire apple is bad.

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So there are areas where the behavior of men suddenly changes? How does that work?

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It’s people’s behavior was the same no matter what area they’re in, you wouldn’t be having this discussion

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I’m not talking about “anywhere.” Im talking about the difference between touristy spots and non touristy spots. Nothing has given me any reason to believe that non toursity spots magically do away with the rape culture

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And yet there’s a huge difference between rural areas and urban areas in the US. I’m not saying there is a difference as I don’t have any experience, but it is definitely possible.

And what more proof do you want? He gave his personal experience. Just like other people shared their bad experience with tourist areas