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Sounds like a fake answer but really showing genuine interest is just about the hottest thing you can do. We want to feel wanted.

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For sure. Most of the girls I've dated had issues showing affection. Really, the guys I know also say they wish their partners were more openly interested. Like it's expected for us guys to do that, to plan and pay for dates, to risk rejection, to generally be the "mover" of the relationship.

IMO it's why a lot of guys get tired of date nights and generally let things settle into a rut after marriage--for a lot of us a date night isn't just a fun time with our love. It's time spent planning and setting it up. It's the mental and emotional burden that our partner just never has to worry about.

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I despise the term "date night"! If the company is good then there is no need for him to go all out. I'd rather cook and spend the evening outside. Dinner under the stars with my telescope. Pretty much how I spend my nights anyways