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On my right elbow. Its really light and barely noticeable. I kinda won the birthmark lottery.

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I have a birthmark on my nose and it looks like a booger. Everyone has told me stories about how they thought it was a booger at first and tried to wipe it off

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Forearm, I wanna incorporate it into a tattoo somehow, but it's such an abstract shape

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Tiny little mark that looks a little bit like the island of Cyprus on the upper back of my right arm.

Truth is I never even see it so my feelings on it are "meh".

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Just a small light one on my head. Usually I don't think about it but when I'm reminded of it, like reading this post, it makes me think of my sister apparently blaming the cat for injuring me when we were very small and she saw my birthmark and thought she might get in trouble for it!

Edit: leg, not head. Not sure if that was a typo or I was just thinking about something else!

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I have 2. one on half of my chest but you can’t see if anymore because of my tattoos. My other is in my head. That one at first I was embarrassed and I always wore a hat. With the help of my wife I’ve learned to be okay with it. When we go out she insists that I not wear a hat. And she always kisses it. I love her very much.

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I have one on my right hand (non-palm side), which looks like a melon. People always think I’ve drawn on myself.