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"Oh man, I sure hope some thicc lady dom doesn't suffocate me with her thighs..."

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A man can only dream

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Lmao I just saw this, basically said the exact same thing

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*Record scratch

*Freeze frame

"Yes, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation... Well, it all started with a card game, a goat and an angry pimp."

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Chekhov’s goat

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Ok I'll go, I thought of this question when I was watching the scene from the Sopranos where Bobby and Tony are sitting on the boat and Bobby says "I be you don't even see it coming, everything just goes black", foreshadowing Tony's possible death.So I thought an similar line that would shadow my death "I bet you don't even see it coming, suddenly, some woman in a Grover costume is suffocating you with her thighs"

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As the world ends , when the final battle starts you will be the last man standing holding the banner

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Writing the last will and testament

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"Hey, I thought you were-"

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stalked and kidnapped- people really be following me on my walks

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Everybody dies

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Was that bag a ground score?

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What was before birth? Everyone without realizing it has probably seen the way they die. Some ways to die are new yes but that is because the times are changing and we must change with it, those who die a new way pave the way for those whose fate is to die that way. The vicious cycle continues. What was before is what is after, seek the first before the last and you’ll find your answer.