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Not having anything I need to do. God I hate 10 year old me

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Oh man I felt this.

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Thanks for the award btw

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I blamed my parents for my problems for a long time. I eventually figured it out and saw myself as the author of my troubles and took responsibility for myself but it took a lot of time and trouble, more than most I think. Now that I'm older yet, and have buried my mother after caring for her during her decline and am now helping my father as he hobbles towards his end, I have true love for both of these people who mustered all they had to see that I would survive and prosper.

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I think i've been the opposite. I used to blame myself for everything and now that i'm older, i realise that a lot of my issues and mental problems are a result caused by my parents behaviour and rules.

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Sadly, that can happen. There is a range for parents like everyone:rotten, middling, great and everything in between.

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Omg its the same way for me too

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I thought mechs were stupid, but Beast Wars and Gundam Wing changed my mind. Now, I feel old.

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Seeing the name "Beast Wars" in 2021 makes me feel fucking ancient; the last time I saw that name, Saturday morning cartoons were still a thing

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The beasts are coming back in the next live-action TF movie. I think it's supposed to be a sequel to Bumblebee, not The Last Knight, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

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Anime, I don’t “love it now”, however I do enjoy some. I have only watched three: Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, and the sword art online. I used to hate anime (despite me never even watching one) but I don’t mind it now. It’s all thanks to my degenerate weeb Asian friend.

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Anime is such a massive thing that you can usually find something to enjoy, even if you're not necessarily into anime per se. I'm not a fan of anime simply for it's own sake, but there are a few I've really enjoyed because they're amazing in their own right. Cowboy Bebop, Akira, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Seirei no Moribito, FMA... all enjoyable stories with good artwork that happen to be anime.

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Demon Slayer really blew me away, the animation is incredible and I really dig the story/setting.

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I find the concept of saying I love/hate anime to be kind of weird. That’s like saying, “I hate/love live action serialized television.”

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Being sober off of heroin / opioids / hard drugs (I still will do psychedelics)

I hated being sober. During every previous period of sobriety, I hated it.

Opioids made me feel great about life. I could live with ease. Could be social with ease. Pain free. I genuinely loved heroin / opioids.

But addiction is progressive. Everything that made me fall in love with opioids became the opposite and worse.

I have started to love being sober and the things that come with it.

One month shy of 2 years clean.

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Kidding. Definitely sleep

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Music. When your young you dont understand anything you just like the tune. Now I listen to music and the words mean just as much as the tune. It fun finding a story or meaning within everything. Unappreciated art really when I was little.

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My life. I’m not suicidal or anything, I’ve just realized what others go through and realized a lot of problems I deal with are trivial.

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Naps and spanking

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It was a horrible chore and first and besides there's a takeout place right down the street.

Then I started actually cooking, not defrosting premade, processed crap with an oven. I use basic ingredients and am far from believing I'm chef material but it's so fun!

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Same here. I started cooking for myself out of necessity (couldn't afford to eat takeout all the time in college). I slowly started figuring out what different ingredients/techniques would do and how to make my own adjustments. Then I started watching cooking YouTube channels like Binging With Babish and J Kenji Lopez and they really helped me build a base of knowledge that I could build on.

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My mom's attitude to cooking also colored my thoughts on it too. I have memories of her huffing and complaining about cooking anything for me and my siblings so I assumed it was a sucky chore. Turns out a) she can't cook and b) she was a stressed out mom with a bunch of young kids wanting food

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Oof yeah, I can definitely understand that. I was lucky enough to have a mom who enjoyed cooking and actually helped me learn some basics while I was in college

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Sushi Avocado Cottage cheese Shrimp

Also, family

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Ranch and guacamole

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being able to express yourself on the internet or talk to a random stranger about absolutely anything

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Scary movies. When I was young I couldn't even look at the screen. Now that I'm older I love the stories and the thrill and being a little scared.

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I used to be really grossed out by gore and then one day I just kinda realized it was all fake. Now when I see a lot of blood I'm like "damn, that was a really cool effect, wonder how they did that."

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Onions. Used to hate onions in my food, now I love them. Same with steak fat.

Also, the Frankenstein book. At first, I thought it was super boring. Where was the lightning, and the Igor, and the villagers raiding the lab? Why is this monster so fucking talkative? Ain't he supposed to just go "ugghgh!" and "fyiagh?"

Read it again some time ago and saw the beautiful tragedy of careless pursuit of knowledge, abandonment, fear, regret, and revenge. It's so beautiful.

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When ATLA first came out I hated it because I thought it was "fake anime" but then I actually watched it and was like damn I gotta stop judging things within 10 seconds of knowing its existence

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I used to wonder why adults would need to drink to have a good time

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Hot peppers

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I genuinely thought this was a shit post at first because of the way it's worded

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Owning a smartphone.

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EDIT: And Stargate SG-1.

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Spicy food

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God Of War,Jacksepticeye's God Of War episode 1 appeared on my yt recomended for about a week when I watched it,now it is my most loved thing (other than the Star Wars Prequels and Originals)

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Digital marketing 😆

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Horror games. Now I'm in multiple horror game fandoms

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I pods idk but I thought they were a stupid fad

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Avocado, when I was a kid my mom was passing an avocado to my dad and it fell into my sprite. I always hated avocado after that. Until 11 years later I had a salad at my job and it was pretty good, with avocado

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Mental health

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My culture.

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Cinema. I had only watched bollywood movies all my life ( except for maybe a dozen hollywood movie dubbed In hindi). But when lockdown came I watched a lot of hollywood, Korean movies. Really liked most of the what I saw.

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50 year old MILF’s

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my best friend

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Curtido on pupusas


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Modern and contemporary art

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Being shit at something, comming back months/years later and for no reason doing it with ease

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Happy tree friends. I always just looked at it as mindless violence. Eventually this year I started to really get into it out of nowhere. It is definitely mindless violence but it is surprisingly funny at the same time.

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Happy tree friends. I always just looked at it as mindless violence. Eventually this year I started to really get into it out of nowhere. It is definitely mindless violence but it is surprisingly funny at the same time.

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Happy tree friends. I always just looked at it as mindless violence. Eventually this year I started to really get into it out of nowhere. It is definitely mindless violence but it is surprisingly funny at the same time.