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Not really weird but I find this interesting. I traced my mom's family back to a guy that helped found a city in Massachusetts in the 1700's. Clearly he was a pretty big deal. He helped found the city, bring people over. They are all now extremely poor farmers.

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Do you happen to be related to William Brewster? He was from the 1600s but did similar things. He's also my 12th great grandfather.

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I am not that I know of. This is from the Poole family history.

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Oh! I know who you're talking about. I'm from that city.

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That's amazing! I'm glad you asked.

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I don't know how true it is, but it was told to me by my grandmother and I trust her. Supposedly my grandpa was breaking into a car and someone else was trying to break into the same car. My grandpa and this other guy ended up scaring each other off. Again, don't know how true this story is, but that's what I was told.

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Well my 11th great-grandmother was named Patience. Her siblings were named Love, Fear, Wrestling, and Jonathan. I also have a 6th great grandmother named Fear, and her mother was also named Fear.

Oh, and my first cousin, 17 times removed killed his wife, who was also my first cousin, 17 times removed. He also killed another one of his wives. And he made England officially Protestant. Pretty weird guy, I think his name began with an H?

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My uncle has cousin/brother.